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  1. Youtube restrictions

    News Room - Latest Headlines
    I saw a Facebook post that Youtube would be banning all reloading and gun assembling vids. Any idea if this is true? And if so where can we go to find that info again? That how I learned to build and AR! Thanks,
  2. Bulk Buy!!!!

    Handloading and Reloading
    I like to scam people and insult them while abusing the get my jollies 00
  3. want to get started in reloading

    Handloading and Reloading
    So I'm new to reloading I'm going to get a progressive press because it fits my shooting habits best. Right now I'm looking at the Dillon rl550b but when I'm looking at the website they have so many different options for accessories and i just don't know where to start. What would be best...
  4. powder measurer

    Handloading and Reloading
    I am wondering what kind of powder measure i should get. I have heard good things about the rcbs uniflow, but the main problem for me is that reviews say it cuts longer powder like imr 4895 which i plan to reload with for my 308. Would it be best just to use a trickler or will the uniflow work fine?
  5. What do I need to reload 45 ACP?

    Handloading and Reloading
    I'm new to reloading, and I'm asking for detailed advice for what exactly I will need to reload 45 ACP for as cheap as possible. That includes the re loader, bullets, shells, primers and powder. I have no idea where to start... If you could give me links to the products, I would very much...
  6. Lyman J Type Shell Holders

    Handloading and Reloading
    I am looking to buy some older Lyman J Type shell holders for a Tru Line Jr press. Currently looking for a #6, #7, #9, #12 and #23. If you or if you know someone who would be interesting in selling one of these shell holders, please contact me. Thanks for you help.
  7. reloading bigger bullet in 455 webley

    Handloading and Reloading
    the webley usually uses a 265 gr bullet. midwayUSA sells a 300 gr that i want to use. the gun is a WWI 1914 spanish garate/eibar. does anyone think i could do this safely? also i saw a 360 gr bullet on ebay that would fit. would it be totally unsafe to use a bullet this big or if i didn't use...
  8. 455 Webley Reloading Question

    Revolver Discussions
    i had an idea to use cut down 45 colt brass to use in my 455 webley revolver. lee sells these 300 grain bullet molds that i was also thinking about using (i could post a link with permission). i think if i dont use too much powder this would be a cool bullet to shoot out of the thing. any...
  9. Some Reloading Questions

    Handloading and Reloading
    Hello, I'm working on a game system and I want an accurate representation of the time and resources required to load firearms and reload centerfire cartridges. Any information is greatly appreciated. Be warned I have little experience so if I make any foolish remarks please forgive me. How...
  10. .45 auto &.45 ACP

    Handloading and Reloading
    Hello all! I have been reloading my own shot shell for some time now, and it has turned out to be very cost effective. I recently purchased a G21 and would love to reload for that. From what I can tell I would save a TON of money. So my questions are: What is the difference between the .45 auto...
  11. What do I need to get started?

    Handloading and Reloading
    I was wondering what is the minimum amount of equipment I will need to start reloading? I am thinking that I would be apt for it as I hear it is tedious and has repetitive motion. I have always found some sort of zen in things like that. I am not particularly concerned with saving money right...
  12. Reloading Becoming More Popular?

    General Gun Discussion
    As the ammo prices rise, is the amount of people reloading increasing? I bet them reloading componets are selling like crazy!