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  1. Need Help finding out about recoil reduction harness

    Firearm Accessories
    This is going to seem a little bit weird, but I play in a Table Top Role-playing game that has modern weaponry. The gun system in the game is crappy and it is almost impossible to hit more than two or three shots in a row. The StoryTeller has agreed to change the system if I could come up with a...
  2. Should Recoil Hurt this bad?

    Shooting Reports
    Just bought my first rifle I can actually own. It's a savage 30-06 xp hunter or whatever. I took it out to the range today and just used standard 150 grain cartridges but man oh man it hit my shoulder like nothing before. I have shot many rifles and shotguns alike from 300 win mag to 12 gauge...
  3. Fixing recoil anticipation

    General Gun Discussion
    What is the best way to correct recoil anticipation (aka pre-ignition push)? I notice this when I'm out of ammo and I dry-fire and the gun dips down? I read from one web-site that dry-firing is actually a good way to train against this common mistake. Is dry-firing safe sig p229's?
  4. Recoil Reduction Systems

    Firearm Accessories
    Which one out there is any good. Trying to smooth out my Mossberg. I cant seem to get any good reviews....