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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hi, Thank you for allowing me to become a member of your forum! I am sure I will learn a ton on here and hopefully I can help a few out along the way as well. I am a manufacturer of Billet AR-15 Receivers so maybe I can help with some machining questions, or if your AR is giving you...
  2. General Gunsmithing
    I was looking at building an AK-47 from a Bulgarian AK-47 Milled kit, but found out that the kit NEEDED a milled receiver. Is this true or can I get away with a stamped receiver and put a new AKM rear trunnion for stamped receivers. I can't find a front trunnion anywhere so could I get away with...
  3. Rifle Discussion
    I have an Arsenal SAM7R Ak and i wanted to get a bumpfire stock for it. The Fostech Outdoors Bumpski caught my eye because it looks like it could be a very good stock even when not bumpfiring. I want to stay away from the Slide Fire because iv'e heard some really mixed reviews about it. I...
  4. General Gunsmithing
    I'm looking to complete my PPS-43C kit but the reciever that came with it was cut up (by law). What is a receiver repair kit and can I use it as a receiver?
  5. Want to Buy Forum
    Hello I am helping build a ruger 10/22 and i need the receiver and housing to complete the gun. If any of you camn help me out I will work something out with you please email me at pe[email protected] Thanks
1-5 of 6 Results