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  1. Cleaning Kit Recommendations???

    Firearm Accessories
    Heyo people! I couldn't find exactly where to put this, but the General Gun Discussion seems the best place for it. I have a Mossberg Model 46M(b) that I'm trying to fix, and it has been over 20 years since it was last cleaned. Yesterday (9/16) I took most of it apart and wiped it clean with...
  2. Buying an SKS

    Rifle Discussion
    One of my co-workers has an SKS for sale and I am interested in buying it, but I have no idea what questions to ask to make sure that neither of us gets the short end of the stick in the deal. So I was wondering what a fair price is for an SKS and what kind of questions I need to ask about the...
  3. is this bad for my ak

    Gun Related Pictures
    I just got an ak but dont know much about them yet i was playing around with the bolt that pulls back underneath the clip and it got stuck in the open position is this a bad thing? Should i force it back to the closed position or should i just leave it like that
  4. Interested in starting a Gun Store/ Range

    General Gun Discussion
    Mods if this is in the wrongplace feel free to move it. Thanks The area I live in has 2 Spotsman's clubs and 1 indoor shooting range in about a 50 mile radius and a couple more stores that sell firearms. I am a member of one of the clubs that is 20 miles away because the one in my county...
  5. Newbie With Some Questions.

    New Members Introduction
  6. specific questions about lever rifles (kinda long-winded, sorry)

    Rifle Discussion
    First off let me say I know nothing about guns (other than safety and how to shoot them), but I know how to research, so I've been doing that. So, I want to buy my first gun, and probably my ONLY gun for a long time. I am very attracted to leverguns, so that is what I will be getting. It will...
  7. Need help

    General Gun Discussion
    rate these 3 best to worst Ruger P95 - $300 KelTec P32 - $318 S&W Sigma40 - $355 Thank you very much