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  1. GUN PURCHASING ONLINE Deleted link Legit?

    General Gun Discussion
    Deleting crap web link --Wag--
  2. Question regarding getting my own handgun at 19

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello, backstory on my self: I'm a 19 year old living on my own in an Apartment, I work for an Electrical company in Michigan. I was starting to gain an interest in firearms and was curious about getting my own handgun. There is a range within 15-20 minute drive from me. However in Michigan...
  3. How important is magazine retention to you?

    Tactics and Training
    I was discussing plate carriers at work and I mentioned that I had a dump pouch on my weak hand side for magazine retention (primarily for partially empty mags, though it is good for other things). Some of the folks at work found this almost laughable, saying that they'd just dump their mags in...
  4. Questions on Machine Guns

    Full Auto Weapons
    New user here I wanted to see if I could get some down to earth advice on machine gun purchasing. Backstory: I live in SC, and for awhile, it looked like hurricane Irma was going to hit us. In preparedness, I began packing up my firearm collection to get the heck out of there. Thankfully...
  5. First Time Buying 500 Advice.

    Shotgun Discussion
    I am looking to purchase a shotgun after Christmas and I know I want a tactical Mossberg 500 persuader 12 gauge. I'm just not sure which I am set on; the 6 or 8 shot. I guess it's just boiling down to looks which I know I shouldn't purchase a gun based on this. It will be used for home defense...
  6. RPG penetration vs tank armours?

    General Gun Discussion
    How many inches of homogeneous armour is equal to an inch of depleted uranium/chobham armour(In terms of resistance towards HEAT rounds). I am wondering this because Ive read that a PG-7VR (rpg tandem) warhead can pentrate up to 29.5 inches of homogeneous armour and I wan't to know the...
  7. Can I get some advice about flare guns?

    General Gun Discussion
    I'm under 18, but I want to purchase a flare gun. About how much should I be expecting to pay? Do I have to be 18 to get one? Is it illegal to use a flare gun if I'm not trying to get help in an emergency? Where can I get non-emergency flares? I've been told red and orange flares are for...
  8. Inheriting Guns in California Questions

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    My Father recently passed and he had quite an extensive gun collection which I am supposed to be inheriting. My big question is in CA- do I have to register them in my name? I know all the certifications I need to inherit in CA, and I'm on that. But what I've been reading and hearing are two...
  9. An optic I never saw again...

    Firearm Accessories
    Hey gun pros! I am hoping you guys are able to help me find an optic I saw a long time ago while trolling around WalMart. When I saw it, it piqued my interest because it was a non-magnified scope optic with a variable zoom switch. The switch was rather large, made of what I assume was aluminum...
  10. Please help with handgun riddle

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Please help me solving this riddle. What Handgun is it? I've found it is a compact gun for shure. also its semi-automatic and it has no cock. i was thinking about kahr PM9 and Boberg arms xr9 but it isnt them. please help <3
  11. Scope or Rifle? Tavor SAR & D-EVO w/LCO or AR-10?

    Firearm Accessories
    I'm looking for some of you experts' advice on this. I currently have an 18-inch Barrel IWI Tavor SAR . I'm about to put a Leupold D-EVO and LCO on it, but I was thinking I could put the money into the AR-10(B-series) that I wanted, just because every "shooter" needs or has an AR platform, and I...
  12. What the Heck is this Thing on My Barrel?

    Gun Related Pictures
    I'm not quite sure what it is, but it's annoying for sure. It's keeping me from inserting a flashlight. Any thoughts? IWI Tavor 18
  13. Does anyone know what gun this is?

    General Gun Discussion
    I just received this revolver from my grandfather after he passed away 2 months ago. The revolver's rotary mag has no place to put bullets in, which leads me to belive that this is a toy; however the barrel of the gun says: BLACK POWDER ONLY 44 CAL on the side, so I do not know what to think. If...
  14. A question for Nagant M1895 owners

    Revolver Discussions
    I picked one up a couple of days ago, and I have a question that I can't find the answer too on the net, so I pose it here. Are you supposed to carry it on an empty chamber, like SAAs? Or does it have a pin block, like on modern revolvers? I'm thinking, since it is DA, and I don't see the pin...
  15. Transferring weapon from deceased

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello All, first time post... weird question. A friend in high school lend me his shotgun before leaving to the navy. He was discharged and brought up on felony charges not long after he left... The gun remained in my possession for several years (the owner and myself remained in contact every...
  16. Building an AR-15 in Connecticut?

    General Gun Discussion
    In the laws I have read about the Connecticut gun laws it says nothing about buying an 80% AR-15 lower and machining it out yourself and building an AR. It wouldn't technically be a registered AR-15. So would it be legal for me to build an AR-15 my self out of and 80% lower?
  17. Bulgarian AK-47 Milled Kit Problems

    General Gunsmithing
    I was looking at building an AK-47 from a Bulgarian AK-47 Milled kit, but found out that the kit NEEDED a milled receiver. Is this true or can I get away with a stamped receiver and put a new AKM rear trunnion for stamped receivers. I can't find a front trunnion anywhere so could I get away with...
  18. An AK-47 Build...

    Rifle Discussion
    I wanted to build a fixed stock AK-47, but the only kit I could find was an underfolder kit. The kit has no receiver or backplate, and I was wondering if I could buy a fixed stock receiver and then put a fixed stock on it, or does the trunnion decide what kind of stock it will except. Also, what...
  19. Introduction And Some Questions

    General Gun Discussion
    Well I'm new here obviously, i actually don't know if it's against the rules for someone my age to be here (15, 16 in august) but i hope it is. let me first say, i'm not like alot of teens hyped up on COD and all that (i do play them but i know it's all misinformation) and i'm also not the type...
  20. Help recognizing a Rifle Model

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi, i hope somebody can help me, i am restoring a old rifle of my uncle so i can give it back on his birthday, but no idea on the model of this rifle can somebody please help me, is a side by side 65cm barrel, 9 m/m, its in pretty bad shape but here is the picture. Many thanks