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  1. Best Gun store/online to purchase guns

    General Gun Discussion
    In your experience, What is the best chain AND online stores that offer the least expensive price. Two answers. Thank you.
  2. First Time Buying 500 Advice.

    Shotgun Discussion
    I am looking to purchase a shotgun after Christmas and I know I want a tactical Mossberg 500 persuader 12 gauge. I'm just not sure which I am set on; the 6 or 8 shot. I guess it's just boiling down to looks which I know I shouldn't purchase a gun based on this. It will be used for home defense...
  3. What guns should I get next?

    General Gun Discussion
    Time for a new gun! I'm looking to get two revolvers - standard and compact. I also want to get a pistol with a hammer. Any suggestions? Was looking at these for revolvers: Guns - Colt Cobra I'd prefer an all metal chassis, though. Another: Guns - Charter Arms Pug Revolver These would...
  4. Purchase advice please

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello all. This is my first post here, so if I have posted in the wrong forum, please re categorize and my apologies :) I am looking to purchase a new handgun and would like the advice of those who are not driven by commission :) What I am looking for: I am open to the idea of a...
  5. Purchasing handgun in former state of residence? (IL to IN)

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    I recently (within 2 weeks) moved to Indiana from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Illinois (aka Illinois) and am in the process of obtaining my Indiana carry license. However, I have not yet obtained my Indiana Driver's license and therefor cannot purchase a handgun in Indiana. I do still...
  6. Gun Purchase Delayed Question

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hey guys, so I bought a handgun on Monday here in Arizona. Purchased and completed the paperwork, ready to walk out of the shop and the guy tells me that there is a delay in my application. He couldn't tell me why and I never had a problem with this before. He tells me that I can come back in...
  7. So I Am Going To Buy An AR But Need Some Insight

    Rifle Discussion
    LIttle background, been a casual hunter/shooter all my life, plan on making my first purchase now that I have entered the real world. That purchase is going to be an AR-15, in all likelihood a .223. But that is really where my search begins. I am looking to buy the highest quality, most...
  8. and still waiting after all this madness

    General Gun Discussion
    hello fellow law biding gun owners!!!purchased me a springfield armory xd 45 last month jan.16th to be exact while filing out the forms etc....gentleman told me 20 days anything before then we'll call today is officially the 20th day not stressing myself just can't believe all this ruckus going...
  9. 20 day wait ncis background check due to liberals in power curious on one this HELP!!

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    :weapons:Hello Fellow law biding Gun owners i just made purchase on the 16th of january bought a Springfield xd 45.acp to be exact live in one of the most democratic states in the country maryland and since these gun proposals have been put on the table i'm more concerned if it will affect my...
  10. Is this a straw purchase?

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello, I am new on this forum as a user but I've visited a few times. But on to my question. There wasn't a age requirement for these forums so bear with me here. I'm fifteen, sixteen in May. I would like to possess a Glock 17. I'm aware that I cannot own one until I am eighteen but I can...