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  1. Hello interested in targets and target shooting

    New Members Introduction
    Hello NGF, I am interested in all things target and target shooting. I would like to know what everyone likes and dislikes about their targets. What they consider the best targets to be. What they shoot targets with ect. I have some ideas on what I think the perfect targets are but not sure...
  2. Iron Sight Accuracy

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello all, I recently began shooting rifles, well... air rifles, and ran into a certain issue; I suck at making tight groupings, or groupings at all for that matter. However, I'm a very determined sort so I've been practicing with the iron sight on my Ruger Blackhawk; thanks to that, today I...
  3. Need Help Choosing a Hand Gun! Im a Newbie!!!

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello :) I am looking for a good gun recommendation for my needs. I want to get a hand gun for protection. But first I want to be comforatable with a gun, and I plan on going to the shooting range by my house and do some target practice. So here is what I want :) : -Something Good For Target...
  4. Practicing

    Shooting Reports
    As a new hand gun owner how many rounds do you average in learning how to shoot? I believe I've got the basics down of grip and stance (thanks to Todd Jarret on Youtube). While I'm tempted to practice on a .22 for economic reasons I really want to be proficient with my .40 cal. How often do...