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  1. Shooting Reports
    It was a chilly, but manageable, 24° and sunny today, decided I would hit the range before the snowfall tomorrow. I brought the Glock 43x, my EDC, and my Colt Highway Patrol .38 special. I used different targets than usual, they're the same size, but with a smaller bullseye and tighter scoring...
  2. Shooting Reports
    Took my EDC out to the range again this week, roughly the same distance (15 yards). My average shot placement and grouping was a decent bit better, but my 'flyers' were further out. I think I was anticipating recoil on a few of them. Anyway, here's a pic of the target:
  3. Shooting Reports
    Took the G43x I got last night to the pistol range just to get a feel for it. Recoil isn't that much worse than the SD9, despite being a fair bit lighter in weight, it's a bit snappier (which I expected) but not unbearably so. I imagine the full-length grip helps mitigate some of the percieved...
  4. New Members Introduction
    Hello NGF, I am interested in all things target and target shooting. I would like to know what everyone likes and dislikes about their targets. What they consider the best targets to be. What they shoot targets with ect. I have some ideas on what I think the perfect targets are but not sure...
1-4 of 4 Results