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  1. General Gun Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am from Massachusetts and my whole life i have been pro gun and pro 2nd amendment. I love learning about the history of the United States as well as educating myself about guns and gun history especially pre vietnam war era vintage fire arms. I am 21 years old and for...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Hi I'm clay I have been dabbling by myself in the gun world for quite some time and still havent learned everything that I would like. My gf and I recently have moved to Compton, CA so a home defense piece is definitely in the very near future for us. I have some experience with gun handling...
  3. Gun Related Pictures
    I've seen a few other threads like this and have had a couple of people ask about picks of my firearms so I figured I'd post this thread. Because of the number of pictures, there will be a different post for each gun starting with the first I aquired then working up the the most recent. More...
  4. New Members Introduction
    Shooting is something I grew up with. My step dad taught me, and I've been Away from it for a while. I'm looking to get back on it again. My shrink recomended A stress releaving activity that has a little more heft than guitar playing, lol. He asked me if I could think of anything and...
  5. General Gun Discussion
    rate these 3 best to worst Ruger P95 - $300 KelTec P32 - $318 S&W Sigma40 - $355 Thank you very much
  6. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Lately, i've been going to a lot of gun shows with my dad and im starting to take a liking to revolvers. I dont know much about them. I know a little history. I know how to work them, but what make (Ruger, S&W, Taurus...) is the best quality. im looking for the cheapest revolver that isnt a...
1-6 of 8 Results