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  1. General Gun Discussion
    My friend inherited this gun past down from family and we have no clue what it is just know it’s super old ... any ideas ?
  2. Collectors Corner
    Hello, My Grandmother passed away semi recently, she was an antique dealer and some what of a hoarder. So among many old things we have inherited there is this old rifle. I wanted to ask and see if someone here could tell me what it is and how old it could be. Thanks ! (This site...
  3. Collectors Corner
    I have no idea what this gun is or if it is even is a gun! I found it in the basement of my house nearly 2 years ago and I just found it again. I am just curious to figure out what it is because I have done some research myself and it has led to nothing. I attached a few pictures to this post...
  4. Collectors Corner
    My dad has this gun his dad gave it to him and my dad has no idea where my grandpa got it. He thinks my great grandpa may have brought it here from Serbia in the early 1900s. About the gun: The trigger folds up. You have to cock the hammer to be able to pull the trigger. There is some...
  5. Collectors Corner
    I have a Long Tom Shotgun that was passed down to me. My Great Grandpa bought it USED in 1917 with a box of shells wired to the trigger guard. I have been searching for years on the history, worth, age, and basic info on this gun. I have heard that it isn't worth much because they are...
1-5 of 5 Results