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  1. Obama has found a new way to regulate firearms

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    So Obama and his elves has found a new tricky way to take away our guns and ammo through a program called Choke Point. Choke Point will use overreach to regulate a bunch of different industries, but firearms face the biggest risk! Go to Stand Up For Your 2nd Amendment Rights | End the Hit List...
  2. Obama's Minions Indoctrinating our Troops.

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    This is very upsetting: A soldier who attended the Oct. 17th briefing told me the counter-intelligence agent in charge of the meeting spent nearly a half hour discussing how evangelical Christians and groups like the American Family Association were “tearing the country apart.” Michael...
  3. Obama executive order

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    Obama just put into effect two executive orders last night. White House announces new gun restrictions - CBS News Watch this^ "Executive order" Is a synonym for unconstitutional.
  4. I am a Veteran, and I have friends still on Active duty... Check out this stuff

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    So, I have friends that are still in Afghanistan... Iraq... Syria.... and Africa. And they do not get offered breakfast, they have to pay out of their pockets for their 1st meal of the day before a vigorous, and physically demanding work day. (mind you that they are still charged full rations...
  5. In my state of maryland liberal o'malley proposed new gun restrictions

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    has proposed a broad assault weapons ban; new licensing requirement for gun owners and a proposed expansion of reporting of mental health problems to get guns out of the hands of those considered dangerous to others.also the 10 magazine capacity...okay a better thorough background check i agree...
  6. UN Weapons Ban / Renweing the The Federal Assault Weapons Ban likelihood

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    I have been reading about both and I understand a little, but I was wondering if anyone could put it into understandable terms for me. Also: When do you think a ban might go into affect? When and how long do you think price gouging will last if you think it will happen? How long do I have to buy...
  7. The Race for President: Gun Control Is Not The Issue. What Is?

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    In recent months, I have become less concerned about Obama on gun control, and more focused on where the candidates are on other issues and matters of character. Both of these guys were once qualified gun control advocates. To secure the Republican nomination, Romney recently converted on the...
  8. Who else born in Hawaii ?

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    I have a question. Is it really possible to find a birth certificate for anyone in Hawaii ? If Obama found his, can I find mine ? Has Asama Ben Laden also been born in Hawaii ? I guess if you search long enough you can prove that everyone born in Hawaii.
  9. Right of Revolution. A Pamphlet for Patriots

    Chosen, Your link does not work and we do not allow downloads, anyway. Maybe if you go over to the New Members Forum and say "Hi" first and get a sense of how we run our forum, first. Thanks
  10. NRA gots Obama in their sights!

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    nra nra nra nra nra nra nra go nra!
  11. Hip-hop artist Nas protests Fox coverage of Obama

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    What do you think? I know fox is more conservative but are they really "racist"?