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  1. Trying to buy my first rifle!! AR-15

    Rifle Discussion
    Palmetto state armory is doing a deal on a PSA 16" MIDLENGTH MOE FREEDOM RIFLE & SPRINGFIELD XDS 9MM PISTOL W/ EXTRA GEAR PACKAGe. Yes, I copied and pasted that lol. Its a $799 package and may buddy wants the springfield so he is willing to go halvies with me, so that would make it only $400...
  2. To take a class or not to take a class

    Tactics and Training
    So I am rather new to the gun world. I hadn't shot a "real" gun until I bought my first handgun. All of the people I go shooting with have been around guns all their lives and have taught me everything they know about safety. I have also done tons of reading online about gun safety and all that...
  3. Ammo Collection

    Shooting Reports
    I am trying to put together a complete collection of every caliber ammo known to man. This collection will be donated to the NRA once complete. Our hope is to have the collection travel across the nation with NRA functions and rallies. It will be a recruiting tool, as well as a symbol of...
  4. Old Newbie from Middle Tennessee

    New Members Introduction
    Hey all! Just letting you know I'm here and looking forward to getting involved. I can't wait to see what I can learn and maybe I can do some teaching too. I grew up around guns and am a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms as well as all the other rights that we seem to be...
  5. Hello from East Texas

    New Members Introduction
    :wink:Just dropped in to introduce myself, checking in from Gun Barrel Texas!! I'm sure I will learn lots from all kind of perspective.:thumbsup:
  6. the "FNG"

    New Members Introduction
    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum so here is my intro... I'm an NRA Certified Instructor for Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Group. I have been around guns all my life and enjoy shooting for practice. I've never fired in SD and hope I never have to. I'm based out of Tampa, FL, but I travel all over...
  7. Free internet toolbar helps support NRA

    General Gun Discussion
    I downloaded a really cool internet toolbar off the NRA-ILA website for free that helps support the NRA. Every time you use the search box in the toolbar or go through the "Raise Funds" button, you are helping to support the NRA without any cost to you. You can also get your local weather by...
  8. New NRA Member

    General Gun Discussion
    It's official...I just joined the NRA! I'm worried to death about how Obama's administration is going to treat gun owners and although it's a measly 35 bucks, at least I can say that I did my duty for this year and will likely re-join for 5+ years when this hitch is nearing the end of its...
  9. NRA gots Obama in their sights!

    General Gun Discussion
    nra nra nra nra nra nra nra go nra!
  10. Drongos

    General Gun Discussion
    Just got this on the NRA website if they catch the pricks lock them up for life :13: :30: :4: :mad5: Animal Rights Terrorists Strike Again The animal rights terrorists have struck again. This time, they firebombed the home and car of two researchers at UC-Santa Cruz in California. According...