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  1. New Members Introduction
    Long story short, I grew up in Asia having an interest in guns and moving to the western world after growing up, so I figured I would learn about guns before moving. And where else to learn about guns than the country with the Second Amendment?
  2. New Members Introduction
    I am Shien and I am new here. I think like a good little community you have built here! I am a somewhat newbie gun enthusiast looking to learn and I also gun lovers like you. Thanks!
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hey, Im a new member here and I just wanted to say that its nice to be on a site where im surrounded by other fellow 2nd amendment defending Americans. Will definitely be checking in daily and trying to post every once in a while.
  4. New Members Introduction
    Hey, new to the forum, just a young new gun collector hoping to learn a thing or two from those who have more experience. Probably going to be asking a lot of dumb questions so please bear with me! At the moment I'm collecting older milsurp guns but looking to expand a bit more. Anyways hope to...
  5. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello everyone. First thing that I will say for you all is that yes, I am a stupid for believing that it was okay to bring a legal out of state firearm to NY and should have done research before doing so. I also do have a lawyer for this matter. I am here for support, learning and possibly...
  6. New Members Introduction
    Hello, All! I'm a lifelong firearm enthusiast. Shot handguns & shotguns extensively while serving in the USAF. Recently returned to regular target shooting. My goal as a veteran's to keep my skill sets current. Now prefer handgun/carbine in identical calibers such as Beretta's Px4/Cx4 in 9mm.
  7. New Members Introduction
    Hey everyone. My name is Chris. I'm just a dude from New Orleans that is looking for a community I can talk to when I have questions or when I want peoples opinions on building my collection. I currently have an HK MP5 SD 22lr. and an IWI Tavor in OD green with the 18" barrel and lug for a...
  8. New Members Introduction
    Just wanted to say hello and I look forward to learning more on this forum.
  9. New Members Introduction
    Hello! I just found this site and decided to sign up hoping I can learn more. Except for a few visits to the gun range over the years with family members, I'm new to firearms. I'm from Connecticut and in the process of getting my permit. My first question; We were told in class that we should...
  10. New Members Introduction
    Hello! I'd like to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this. My name is Ian. I am 15yrs old and homeschooled. I first got into firearms back when I was probably 9 or so. I thought guns were cool then, and I thought the best way to shoot guns would be to become a police officer. I...
  11. New Members Introduction
    hey everybody! just introducing myself. i am excited to be a new addition to this forum. :cornut: I dont have a firearm yet but i am planning on getting a remington 870 or mossberg 88 and maybe a glock 17 and beretta m84 cheetah 380 in the near future. In the late future i might eventually get...
  12. New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone! I am 23 and I just started purchasing my guns this past year. I have been shooting since I was a Boy Scout with the .22LR and 12G at summer camp and since then have loved the smell of gunpowder. I own the following so far: Bersa Thunder .380 ACP Walther PPX 9mm Sig Sauer...
  13. New Members Introduction
    Hello, I am a new member from Florida looking for some help with a revolver I recently purchased, it is a Tanfoglio TA .22 .The short story is I'm looking for the .22mag cylinder for it. To read more please check out the full post I put in the revolver section. Thanks
  14. New Members Introduction
    :thumbsup: Greetings one and all! I am new to this forum but have been active on other boards for about a year. I am a conceal carry permit holder. I am from the Pilot Mountain area (central part of the state, just north of Winston-Salem). My favorite is my Auto Ordinance 1911A 45ACP. I...
  15. New Members Introduction
    Hi Guys my name is JWood and I love guns. I am happy to join this forum. I cant wait to explore. I just bought another gun, Taurus PT 1911. I need some customization advice. See you in the forums. -JWood
  16. New Members Introduction
    Hello Everyone, I live in Northern NJ and originally from Michigan. Wow what a change in terms of all outdoor topics. Anyway, I consider myself a beginner to mid level outdoorsman. I have recently begun to get back into things as I have had a long break in between. After graduating HS I went...
  17. New Members Introduction
    Greetings everyone from the liberal state on Connecticut! Not to proud of saying that, but it is what it is. One of the guns I have is a springfeild model 67D. Picked it up at Cabelas for $102 out the door! Works great and cycles smooth for the first 60 or so rounds then jams once every 7 or 8...
  18. Rifle Discussion
    LIttle background, been a casual hunter/shooter all my life, plan on making my first purchase now that I have entered the real world. That purchase is going to be an AR-15, in all likelihood a .223. But that is really where my search begins. I am looking to buy the highest quality, most...
  19. New Members Introduction
    Shooting is something I grew up with. My step dad taught me, and I've been Away from it for a while. I'm looking to get back on it again. My shrink recomended A stress releaving activity that has a little more heft than guitar playing, lol. He asked me if I could think of anything and...
1-19 of 21 Results