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  1. Should I go with the Sig P365 or the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 as my next buy?

    Concealed Carry
    Should I go with the Sig P365 or the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 as my next buy? I am in need of a new carry pistol. I have been Concealed carrying a 1911 Government model, and quite frankly, that is becoming annoying (especially in the summer months). I live in Idaho, so I have to bundle-up...
  2. Which Gun to Choose

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys I'm here wondering if I should buy a Glock 17 or an AR-15 or anything else you guys can suggest. Thank you for the help
  3. M1 Garand or Benelli Supernova

    General Gun Discussion
    This will be my first long gun. Should I get a M1 Garand or Benelli Supernova? I want hunt, shoot targets, shoot skeet and trap (only for the shotgun), and just have a nice gun. I would get the Garand from the CMP and the Nova from Cabella's.
  4. What guns should I get next?

    General Gun Discussion
    Time for a new gun! I'm looking to get two revolvers - standard and compact. I also want to get a pistol with a hammer. Any suggestions? Was looking at these for revolvers: Guns - Colt Cobra I'd prefer an all metal chassis, though. Another: Guns - Charter Arms Pug Revolver These would...
  5. New Guy needs to buy new rifle set up for Moose hunting in Quebec. Please help me out

    Rifle Discussion
    First off I’m open to your suggestions. These are only ideas that I have come up with thus far as a starting point. I’m new to all of this and needed somewhere to start from. Situation:I have an opportunity to go Moose hunting for my first time this November in Quebec. I don’t currently own...
  6. Looking for rifle suggestions

    General Gun Discussion
    Hope this is a good place to post this thread Well, I live live in the great state on Connecticut that has saved us all! haha! I'm looking for a rifle that Cabelas or Hoffmans (Large local gun shop) would carry. I want a rifle that would be good for hunting and target/ "fun shooting" that takes...
  7. So I Am Going To Buy An AR But Need Some Insight

    Rifle Discussion
    LIttle background, been a casual hunter/shooter all my life, plan on making my first purchase now that I have entered the real world. That purchase is going to be an AR-15, in all likelihood a .223. But that is really where my search begins. I am looking to buy the highest quality, most...
  8. check out my new baby

    Suggestions, Questions and Tech Support
    Just bought this puppy, testing it out so I made a video of her: