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  1. Lengths of a Mosin Nagant 91/30 Dragoon Rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    So I want to purchase my first rifle and have chosen the mosin because of its legendary reliability and its cheapness. I wanted to know the length from the back of the stock to the trigger to see if this firearm would fit me comfortably. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  2. A question for Nagant M1895 owners

    Revolver Discussions
    I picked one up a couple of days ago, and I have a question that I can't find the answer too on the net, so I pose it here. Are you supposed to carry it on an empty chamber, like SAAs? Or does it have a pin block, like on modern revolvers? I'm thinking, since it is DA, and I don't see the pin...
  3. Mosin Nagant Markings and Dates

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey guys, You all helped me out a lot with identifying a Type 99 Arisaka a few months ago so I'm wondering if you can give me any insight on the history of my "new" 91/30 Mosin. From what I understand, the rifle was assembled in 1932 at the Izhevsk factory, as indicated by the 1932r on the top...
  4. Which Nagant would YOU choose?

    Revolver Discussions
    Ok, so I'm wondering should I get a Tula or A Ishevsk M1895 Nagant? The reason I want Ishevsk is, because it is more OG. But the downside is the years it was made in (Earlier Models). When you buy from JG Sales do you get the newer models (1940's) or older models (Pre-40's)? Also which year has...
  5. Russian Nagant M1895 Tula 1931

    Gun Related Pictures
    This is my first C&R purchase. Bought it from JG Sales.
  6. m91/31 chamber issues

    General Gunsmithing
    I have a m91/30 that I believe has a burr in the chamber. After firing a round, the extraction is very hard. In fact, the first round I fired, I had to put a block of wood against the bolt and bang on it to extract the cartridge. The cartridges all have scratches about 1/4 inch long near the...