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  1. Looking to Buy Antique Musket

    Want to Buy Forum
    Hello, I am new collector who has been searching the internet to find a decently priced Moroccan Snaphaunce Kabyle or camel gun. Do any collectors have one they'd be willing to part with? Ideally I would like to spend under 500 USD as this is a gift. I have seen muskets of this type go for all...
  2. Need Help Identifying 1700's to 1800's era guns

    Collectors Corner
    Hello everyone, First time posting. I am helping a friend sell two guns her deceased husband had in his collection. I have no clue where to start on getting a value for these two guns and neither does she. Any sort of suggestions or tips on identifying these guns would be greatly appreciated!
  3. help iding flintlock vintage toy

    Collectors Corner
    Any idea which model gun this is based upon? Any info about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Can somebody help me identify this weapon?

    Rifle Discussion
    I recently acquired an old long gun, a flintlock musket of some sort. I know nothing about it, minus the fact that "made in belgium" is stamped on the barrel. Any knowledge about this firearm would be useful. Thanks
  5. Old Musket Found in Closet

    Collectors Corner
    We found this flint lock musket (rifle?) in my grandfather's closet. Little over 4 ft in length. It was tagged "1747" though the tag has since torn off. Flint sparks when fired. Seems in decent condition. The markings are hard to make out. One might say "Willet". I'd love to learn more about...
  6. Barnett Flintolock musket

    Collectors Corner
    i have an original barnett flintlock musket and i need to know why its so valuable to collectors any help would be great. i'm also thinking of selling : ) kind regards, connor
  7. classic type rifle question...

    Rifle Discussion
    My interest in wood stock type rifles has been growing.(I usually favor the tactical type stuff) My question is...are there any bolt action rifles with stocks that are similar to classic revolutionary era musket stocks with the wood and the brass? Thanks!
  8. Interesting musket, worth a look!

    Gun Related Pictures
    Ok, we've had this musket in our family for at most 200yrs, and I'm not entirely sure as what model this weapon is. It's a .68-9cal flintlock (converted to percussion during the Civil War by a family member), smoothbore, possibly a Brown Bess mod?, and made by Sutherland. The top of the barrel...