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  1. Shotgun Discussion
    I saw a video about a guy who fired a 50 Cal through a single shot shotgun. I am interested in finding out if anyone else has done something so crazy? I have a Mossberg 695 that I’m interested in trying this, I know it sounds crazy but has anyone else tried it and videoed it? Thank you
  2. Gun Related Pictures
    So I finally invested in my first shotgun. I wanted to get something compact that would work well in a home defense situation. After conferring with a dealer I trust, I ended up going with the Shockwave 590M version (the magazine fed configuration). Here's where I started. But, this wasn't...
  3. Shotgun Discussion
    Hello, I'm working on a buddy's Mossberg 500 AT Pump 12ga., 30+ years old. He claims that once a round is loaded in the chamber with the bolt closed, that as soon as he flips the safety off, the gun will fire immediately without a trigger pull. Very strange, i did a few dry runs of priming the...
  4. Shotgun Discussion
    I have a Mossberg 590 and was thinking about switching out the basic stock with something a little fancier. Mossberg's 6-position buttstock looks cool, but how does it effect your ability to operate the slide release and the thumb safety? I went with a Mossberg over a Remington solely for the...
  5. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Am i correct on my idea of what large capacity and non large capacity means? Large capacity is a fire arm that can hold more than 10 rounds and is semi automatic. A non large capacity is under 10 rounds and single shot only. IE. A pump action shot gun with 5 rounds or a bolt action rifle...
  6. Rifle Discussion
    Hello everyone (newbie here), I recently made the decision to purchase my first firearm and after some research decided to start with a .22 rifle. Over the past weekend I went to a gun show here in Colorado to find a used rifle in good condition in my price range - nothing fancy, just something...
  7. Shotgun Discussion
    So recently I've been looking for another pump gun. Mostly just "because". However, I did want something that can pre-configured for home defense. My options seem to be the Hawk, Pardner Pump, and Mossberg Maverick. The one I already own is a Mossberg 500, and with the money it would take to...
  8. Shotgun Discussion
    I'm looking for a folding stock m4 style adaptor for a mossberg 500, the problem is I can't find one without a permanent pistol grip. I would like to add a k2+ grip to the gun, does anyone here know of a solution to my inconvenience?
  9. Shotgun Discussion
    Happy thanksgiving, I'm looking to buy a mossberg 500 20 gauge and it comes with a 24 inch barrel. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this barrel comes with the accuchokes? I know most 500s do but I'm not sure about this barrel length. Thanks It is an all purpose model.
  10. Shotgun Discussion
    I just traded one of my old compound bows to a friend of mine for his 12 guage Mossberg 500. I don't really need another shotgun for hunting, but I thought I could put a little work into it and use it for home defense. It is in very good shape. I am thinking about buying the Bullpup unlimited...
  11. Shotgun Discussion
    So recently picked up my Mossberg 835. I love the gun but hate the sights the rear sight is all over the place. I recently bought a Mount to put a red dot on it just waiting fo the red dot to come in. So my question is, How do i remove the sights that are currently on it? no reason to have a...
  12. Shotgun Discussion
    I recently purchased a mossberg 500 in 12g, I also purchased a stock and forend from a mossberg 590a do I need the longer action slide tube 7-5/8 to fit the forend. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Rifle Discussion
    So - I've tried the Search, and didn't get a hit that produced quite the info I'm looking for... I've got a bit of bonus money burning a hole in my pocket (and no, I don't want to hear from any dispossessed Nigerian Princes!), and I'm looking for a general-purpose 'fun gun' that can also serve...
  14. Want to Buy Forum
    I am looking for a Mossberg Model 195 detachable magazine. It is the older bolt action 12-gauge. I found them at Halvin Sales but I am looking to see if anyone knows another place or someone selling them. Best everyone.
  15. General Gun Discussion
    For Christmas this year, I'm 18 so me and my dad finally convinced my mom to let me have my own rifle. I wanted a .308 but my dad insisted on a .30-06. But as it is for pretty much everyone nowadays, money is tight. We had to buy a budget rifle. It was between the Ruger American Rifle, Mossberg...
  16. Rifle Discussion
    I would greatly appreciate some feedback and what y'all thought of the Mossberg 30-06 as a dear rifle, and overall rifle. Would like to know maybe some pros and cons, thanks.
  17. Rifle Discussion
    New to the forums, so I'm guessing this question should go here instead of the gunsmithing section. I was wondering if they make a 26" barrel for the Mossberg 100 ATR in .30-06.
  18. Shotgun Discussion
    Gauge isn't terribly important, but I'd like something compact (NFA minimum of 18"/26" would be ideal) with a pistol grip and a pump action. I've looked at the Mossberg JIC and Cruiser models, but I'm sure there's more out there. Suggestions?
  19. Firearm Accessories
    Which one out there is any good. Trying to smooth out my Mossberg. I cant seem to get any good reviews....
1-19 of 20 Results