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  1. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    Handmade miniature. Miniature Gun Desert Eagle 100% functional Action Model The scale 1:6 Price: 150$ FREE SHIPPING Handcrafted Please contact me for details [email protected] ! This item is for display and collecting purpose only. This item is not considered as a firearm by any law.
  2. Collectors Corner
    Serial # S13474, walnut grips, flat top barrel, left side of barrel (H & R "SPORTSMAN " Single Action), right side of barrel (22 Long Rifle CTG), adjustable front sight, 2 adjusting screws on rear sight, cylinder release bar on right side, fire pin mounted inside not on hammer, 9 shot top...
  3. Rifle Discussion
    Hi, i hope somebody can help me, i am restoring a old rifle of my uncle so i can give it back on his birthday, but no idea on the model of this rifle can somebody please help me, is a side by side 65cm barrel, 9 m/m, its in pretty bad shape but here is the picture. Many thanks
1-3 of 3 Results