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  1. Colt M45 cerakote & ion-bond USMC roll slide pricing/appraisal.

    Collectors Corner
    Trying to see if anyone can orient me in the right direction. I have two Colt 1911 with the "COLT *** USMC" marked on the slide. I am the first and original owner of both of the pistols which came directly from Colt. The cerakote pistol was purchased before Colt was told to remove "COLT ***...
  2. What will happen to M4's SAW's, etc.???

    Full Auto Weapons
    Hey all, an odd thought struck me today as I was browsing NFA firearms for kicks and grins. What will/does the U.S. military (all branches) do with old machine guns that are no longer needed? I'm aware that the '86 NFA ruling states that full-auto weapons can no longer be manufactured for...
  3. Best way to buy an AR-15?

    Rifle Discussion
    I am joining AROTC next year and want to get used to shooting and disassembling and reassembling a rifle close to the Army's M4. I've looked into buying one and everyone seems to say that building my own would be the best and the cheapest way of doing it. Is this true? Or I could buy the upper...
  4. figured i would share some cool news from my home town

    General Gun Discussion
    *You may have missed it, but this past summer the Navy put its new rail gun on the deck of the U.S.N.S. Millinocket at the ships homeport of San Diego. The Joint High Speed Vessel was manufactured by Austal in Mobile.* But having one of the Navy's newest weapons on one of the Navy's newest...
  5. Need help deciding what rifle to pick and where to train

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey guys I'm 20 years old and currently in the process of joining the USMC. It has been my dream to be a Scout Sniper and I have been looking around for the best training and rifles to use. I have found a Company named Acidemi that trains active military and law enforcement but you are...
  6. American Military puts the .45 Auto back to work .

    General Gun Discussion
    From the desk of Gun-Zilla ! The good old .45 Automatic is the gun of choice , again for American military personel . Apparently the 9mm was not getting the job done to the satisfaction of the soldiers who have to depend on them for survival . After a review gave careful consideration to the...
  7. New member from Michigan

    New Members Introduction
    Hey all! I posted last night, asking for help with a gun import issue, and one of the (very quick) people to respond mentioned I should introduce myself, so here it is: I live in and attend college in Michigan, and so far only have two guns, a very cheap .22 bolt-action something-or-other, and...