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  1. FS: M38 Carcano rifle stocks

    Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    These are some rifle stocks that are in great shape... one long and one short with a few markings on the side, "NTB 3895" and "1258" on the dark one "5509" and the stamp is unreadable to me on the short. Great to have to fix that one bad stock you have or as a back up for another upcoming...
  2. Expert needed

    General Gun Discussion
    I am looking into getting a k98 Mauser. I saw one on gun broker that looks pretty intising. He claims its all original parts. But I see in the pics all of it is blued except for the buttplate. I don't know. Can someone please examine this for me. I'd hate to buy a gun that turns out to be some...
  3. Gewehr 88 (05?)

    Rifle Discussion
    So I just turned 16 and decided to start an antique firearm collection, and found a Gewehr 88 commission rifle (not Turkish). Being one of my favorite rifles, it was a perfect start. I thought I would post pictures of it as I have some questions about the gun. There are so many markings on the...
  4. BRNO Narodni Podnik 7x57 Mauser

    Rifle Discussion
    Just got this rifle awhile ago and was wondering what anyone knows about it from any standpoint, historical or otherwise and also just what people think about it. Some of the things I would like to really know are what year it was made and/or if it is as old as I suspect if it was used as a...
  5. Elderly Chinese Rifle (Hanyang 88)

    Rifle Discussion
    It took me about six months to get this rifle ready with loads that are safe to shoot. Not going to be my most exciting gun review ever but I feel that six months of effort is worth the six minute vid.
  6. Need help dating/appraising an old 8mm Mauser

    Collectors Corner
    Hey friends, I recently picked up an 8mm Mauser. I was told it was Russian by the previous owner (who won it in a shooting competition). My brother and I are somewhat of (aspiring) German history buffs. We ruled out that it had any ties to Russia. It does, however, have French/Belgium writing on...
  7. Help Identify My Vintage Mauser 300S Rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi, I recently came across this vintage bolt action rifle and know very little about it. I was told that it is a Mauser set up for 300S rounds. At the time, I didn't realize how old the gun was, but after examining it more closely, it seems that the receiver fits the wooden stock perfectly...
  8. I have this old mauser

    Collectors Corner
    I recently picked up this old Mauser from a gun show and I have a few questions about it. It looks different than most mauser's I've seen before but I'm pretty sure it has a k98 style bolt from some research I've done. Also it doesn't fire I checked and adjusted the protrusion of the firing pin...
  9. 7mm reload

    Handloading and Reloading
    I was just given an old 7mm from my father. I've used this gun before but never really knew much about it. after recieving it, i did some research; it turns out to be a 1933 spanish OVIEDO mauser made by Fabrica-de-Armas. though I still don't know much more about it I do have the reload dies...
  10. Turkish Mauser Gew 88 bolt

    General Gunsmithing
    I'm a little new to this place but, I have some questions about my 8mm Mauser. I few days ago I took it to the range to fire some surplus Yugo fmj ammo and they didn't work. It's surplus ammo and the primer is sunken in but, the bolt is hitting it; just not enough. Any chance it could be the...