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  1. Marlin Papoose .22LR

    General Gun Discussion
    Has anyone ever had any issues with this gun going off on its own, or with it not extracting the shell when the bolt was pulled back? I recently found one of these at my Father-in-Law's house in a gun sock. I took it out dropped the magazine and saw that there were rounds in the magazine, so...
  2. Can someone give me information in this 1875 Marlin Revolver?

    I recently purchased this beautiful antique no.32 1875 Marlin Revolver. I took it to the gun store and he was amazed on the condition its in (for how old it is). He said what makes it so great is how the barrel and mechanism that allows the bullet to fire works just as a brand new unused gun...
  3. first gun purchase. semi-automatic .22 rifle. opions welcome

    Rifle Discussion
    title was supposed to say opinions...bleh Hello. Quick background. I live in California (Riverside County) so I have that working against me already in the gun world. I've never owned a gun and have little experience shooting. I believe I have only shot a .22 rifle a handful of time, no...
  4. My guns and suggestions for other guns I should get.

    General Gun Discussion
    I have 5 guns in my collection and I don't have a favorite. They are all my favorite and serve a different purpose. 1- My first gun was a Thompson R55 .22 synthetic rifle. Shoots awesome. My only complaint is the largest clip is 10 rounds. Great gun. 2- Second gun was a Winchester Model 12...
  5. 45-70 Barrel Questions

    Rifle Discussion
    Just looking for some information, as this subject is nowhere to be found anywhere on the Internet that i've seen. What are the differences, if any, between the regular round barrel for the Marlin 1895 and the Marlin 1895 with the octagonal barrel? Do the octagonal barrels have any...