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  1. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I couldn't find any S&W magazines (M&P 2.0 9mm 17rd) in stock at an affordable price. So I bought a couple ETS clear plastic mags. They will do for practice, while my stock metal mags stay loaded with Critical Duty. As I'm loading up the ETS, I'm looking at the spring. I don't know if I should...
  2. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    So for Father's day I bought my cousin a ProMag 25rd Mag (ProMag SMI-A17 S&W SD40 .40 S&W (25) Rd Blue Steel ) for his SD40VE. As you can see in this video () The mag has issues not advancing the bullets once at high capacity. Lots of people report jamming at full capacity. And they also...
  3. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi guys, so im trying to figure out the feasability of a magazine loaded semi auto 12 gauge pistol. Im refering to the 1 3/4 rounds that have come out for home defense. I searched around and the only firearm i was able to locate that was magazine fed 12 gauge through the handle was the Mag7. But...
  4. Want to Buy Forum
    I have a Bersa 226 imported in the mid 80's by Kassnar Imports with no magazines. I would like to buy two, but will take what I can get. I contacted Eagle Imports (the current Bersa affiliate to the U.S.) and they could not help. Thank you for any help. Really desperate...
  5. Want to Buy Forum
    Hi Guys Hoping someone somewhere can help me am looking for a magazine for a Sako M78 Hornet cant find one anywhere here in Australia or though Sako Cheers Stu
  6. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I have enhereted a star ps model .45 acp unfortunately my grandfather only had one mag for it and I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or gun shop near New Orleans that would be able to get mags and parts for this beautiful weapon.
  7. Firearm Accessories
    Hi all, I'm looking for a seven (or higher) round magazine for my Tikka T3 .270WIN. Does anybody know of a place I can get one? Preferably somewhere that provides international shipping but I can work around it if not...
  8. Rifle Discussion
    So when I bought my AK, it came with two steel mags. I heard a lot of good things about the Tapco mags so I went ahead and bought one to try out versus the steel ones. The one I bought was $20 and came in a platic package and it fit and fed perfect. I was then at another shop later and saw they...
  9. New Members Introduction
    hello everyone sorry if this has been asked before. i have been searching everywhere but cant find a direct answer for my specific question. so ok, the very first pistol i bought is a 9mm tuarus pt111 millenium pro, jan 2014 will put the purchase at 10yrs ago. for the most part it has been...
  10. General Gun Discussion
    hi everyone ive been searching my question & cant find an answer so here i am. i just bought a rock river ar-15 5.56 & the magazine it came with is a 30 round thermold magazine (its plastic in case you need that info) i can pull the charging handle back, release & it only goes forward about a...
  11. Firearm Accessories
    I recently picked up a BWK-92 at a local gun shop for a steal. However, I'm looking to pick up some magazines for it and have no idea which will actually fit it. I have researched it and come across some conflicting answers. Does anyone know which ones will definitely fit it? Thanks.
  12. Firearm Accessories
    I've been looking online for AK-47 magazines and saw some from Thermold, TAPCO, Bulgarian surplus, Romanian surplus, and even Korean. What do think is the best, most durable, reliable magazine?
  13. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    5. This area is provided as a benefit to members in good standing of the NationalGunForum community. In order to ensure that the privilege to sell here is extended only to those members, all sellers must have 15 substantive posts prior to listing any item for sale. Our Moderators have the final...
  14. General Gun Discussion
    Just wondering if there are any places that 223/556 ammo can be preordered or if there is still some available. Thanks
  15. Want to Buy Forum
    Looking for Heckler & Koch USP fullsized 9mm preban mags. Need to be marked "IR" (mfg 1993) or some other pre-94 designation. I'm behind enemy lines in a commie state (MA). Anyone want to help a new HK owner out? Cash in hand so to speak. Please email or PM. Thanks in advance! Edit: Mags...
  16. Want to Buy Forum
    Please PM me if you have one available. cliff
1-16 of 17 Results