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  1. Collectors Corner
    After WWII, My Great Grandfather Brought home many trophies from battlefields in the Pacific. One of these trophies was a Japanese Type 96 Machine Gun. I have never seen the weapon with my own eyes, and all I know is that it has sat in an attic for 60+ years, and it has had it's firing mechanism...
  2. Full Auto Weapons
    New user here I wanted to see if I could get some down to earth advice on machine gun purchasing. Backstory: I live in SC, and for awhile, it looked like hurricane Irma was going to hit us. In preparedness, I began packing up my firearm collection to get the heck out of there. Thankfully...
  3. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Just read through the laws on the CT government website here about machine guns: despp: Firearms The funniest part to me is this: Connecticut residents may purchase Machine Guns if they are capable of a “full automatic only” rate of fire. Any select fire weapon is considered an “Assault...
  4. General Gun Discussion
    I have seen several parts sets of World War II guns that include the sear. I was wondering since the auto sear is the automatic firearm if it is possible to register it and then post it into a host weapon. I know from going to class III dealers that people move the sear into newer AR-15's all...
  5. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearms
    I am looking for MK19-3 parts. Used, new, unserviceable, or whatever is available. I work for a firearms manufacturer that landed a job for MK19-3 simulators for the military. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sblake
1-5 of 6 Results