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  1. Shotgun Discussion
    hay fellows.i hope u all will b little brother just sliped his hand from shotgun double barrel and the gun fell down.and suddenly after that.tiggers got free like a unloaded gun.and firing pins are not going back into cocking position.what can b issue? i mean which part could b damaged
  2. General Gun Discussion
    Hey everybody! This is my first post =D Anyway I have a Howa Axiom .308 and absolutely love everything about it...except the fact that it is top loading. My scope mounts leave little room for loading. How hard would it be and is it even possible/probable to convert it to a bottom fed mag? :weapons:
  3. Rifle Discussion
    My interest in wood stock type rifles has been growing.(I usually favor the tactical type stuff) My question is...are there any bolt action rifles with stocks that are similar to classic revolutionary era musket stocks with the wood and the brass? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results