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  1. Concealed Carry
    Has anyone heard of this service? I've looked at the website but do I really need that much legal protection if I'm involved in a self defense shooting? Second Call Defense | Complete Legal Protection For Armed Self Defense
  2. General Gun Discussion
    This Fall I'm going back to college out of state and I'm running into a bit of an issue. I've moved around so much the past few years and in places where I didn't feel safe storing my firearms, like bottom floor apartments that would be easy to break into, so I've kept them in a safe at a...
  3. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    6 years Army Infantry, Iraq & Afghan 30 months Deployed with Combat & a hell of a background, now a civilian past 1.5 years. They're trying to take my Registered Weatherby bolt action 30/06 & threatening my gun rights! They are; as in Stevenson County Court, WA... & why? Well, On my way out...
  4. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    If I am going to build an AK-47 that has no silencer or a short barrel (less than 16 inches), do I still need to fill out a "form 1" and pay $200? I was thinking I wouldn't have to but wanted to make sure because I don't want to break the law.
  5. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Question #1) If I buy a SBR permit, do I still have to follow 922r rules while building my PPS-43? Question #2) Can you please tell me what trigger assemblies will work with the PPS-43C, and also where to buy them. I want to make sure I have only 10 foreign parts. Thanks, John
  6. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    I have located a parts kit, barrel, and receiver repair section, I don't know how to weld, but a friend of mine does. Would it be legal to have my friend weld the gun together? The gun I would build would be semi auto.
  7. General Gun Discussion
    I have been wondering for quite awhile now. Can I mount a semi-automatic rifle to my jeep?? Or if I have a turret port for a humvee or other military vehicle, could I put in a weapon in working order?? The rifle would be completely legal. I live in Texas, where you can openly carry a rifle...
  8. General Gun Discussion
    I know that a rifle with a barrel of less than 16.5 inches is a SBR. I was looking at the PPS-43C with a folding stock and a 9.5'' barrel. I was wondering, if I was to temporarily remove the stock, would I still need a SBR permit?
  9. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    If I build my own AK-47 from parts, do I have to register it? I want to build one but want to know what I have to do to be legal.
1-9 of 10 Results