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  1. Can i use my 91/30 mosin nagnat cleaning rod on my lee enfield mk4?

    General Gun Discussion
    Would that work? -Thanks, Matt
  2. Weird markings on Ishapore .303

    Rifle Discussion
    I recently bought this sporterized Ishapore .303 with some weird markings i'm trying to figure out. One side is marked .410 RFI 1931 which doesn't make sense. It shoots .303 not .410 I promise. I'm also pretty sure Ishapores' didn't start getting marked RFI until 1948? I think some were rebuilt...
  3. Canadian import?

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi, My grandpa has several guns, 2-3 of which I'd like to bring home (of course if I can convince him) to Michigan, from his home in Ontario. The guns in question are the 1st, 3rd, and 4th in the picture: 1st: Some kind of really old muzzle-loader, definitely from before 1898. I think...