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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hey everyone, I'm new to National Gun Forum.....Yet I didnt take my own warning in my introduction thread bout advertising QDM
  2. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    As far as I understand, according to federal law, you can legally build a gun for personal possession as long as you can purchase and own one legally. Is it legal for a minor to participate in the construction of a handgun since federal law says that the minimum age for ownership of a handgun...
  3. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hey, I'm from Germany and may migrat to the US. I'm not poor or unemployed in Germany, but the political situation is just unsustainable. In a sense I'm fleeing a tremendous lack of personal freedom and socialist left wing destruction of the social fabric of my country. As a well educated guy...
  4. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello everyone. First thing that I will say for you all is that yes, I am a stupid for believing that it was okay to bring a legal out of state firearm to NY and should have done research before doing so. I also do have a lawyer for this matter. I am here for support, learning and possibly...
  5. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    My grandpa brought back a Japanese rifle during WW2 however there is no paperwork or anything for it. We're trying to get his estate in order and were wondering if there is anything we need to do to keep the rifle in the family? The rifle is currently in New Jersey. Thanks!
  6. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    New Bill up for consideration in Colorado - HB 13-1224 - Outlawing 11+ round mags: New Bill up for consideration in Colorado - HB 13-1043: - Statuatory Definition of a Deadly Weapon: New Bill up for consideration in Colorado - HB 13-1226...
  7. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    In Canada is it legal to shoot someone who is going to cause bodily harm to you?
1-7 of 8 Results