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  1. Rifle Discussion
    I had this rifle handed down to me from my great grandfather who my dad says bought it at a garage sale back in the day when my dad was a kid (in his 60's now). A while ago I tried researching and came up short and the last two days I have found very little information except that it is Japanese...
  2. Rifle Discussion
    I have a Type 99 Arisaka that was passed down to me by my grandfather It was rusted but I took it to the gunsmith and got it all removed. This rifle is a absolute mystery I can not find any other variants of it when I picked up the rifle from the gunsmith he told me that the barrel is way...
  3. Collectors Corner
    I have no idea what this gun is or if it is even is a gun! I found it in the basement of my house nearly 2 years ago and I just found it again. I am just curious to figure out what it is because I have done some research myself and it has led to nothing. I attached a few pictures to this post...
  4. Collectors Corner
    Hey guys - I have a Japanese rifle my grandfather brought back from WWII. Can y'all help me identify it? I've attached photos so you can see what I'm working with here... Thanks!
1-5 of 6 Results