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  1. New Member from New Orleans

    New Members Introduction
    Hey everyone. My name is Chris. I'm just a dude from New Orleans that is looking for a community I can talk to when I have questions or when I want peoples opinions on building my collection. I currently have an HK MP5 SD 22lr. and an IWI Tavor in OD green with the 18" barrel and lug for a...
  2. Hi! Noob here

    New Members Introduction
    Hello! My name is Aaron and I'm a new member! I just recently received my conceal carry after having turned 21 and I've had so many questions I figured this would be a good place to start. I've always been familiar with guns and hunting and it's always been a pretty big hobby of mine. So I guess...
  3. Heyo People!

    New Members Introduction
    Hello! I'd like to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this. My name is Ian. I am 15yrs old and homeschooled. I first got into firearms back when I was probably 9 or so. I thought guns were cool then, and I thought the best way to shoot guns would be to become a police officer. I...
  4. Introduction And Some Questions

    General Gun Discussion
    Well I'm new here obviously, i actually don't know if it's against the rules for someone my age to be here (15, 16 in august) but i hope it is. let me first say, i'm not like alot of teens hyped up on COD and all that (i do play them but i know it's all misinformation) and i'm also not the type...
  5. Howdy

    New Members Introduction
    Let's see-- about me? Me. That's a topic I know a good deal about. Writing things though, coherent paragraphs, at night... I herald from Tennessee, USA, North America, Earth, I'll stop now. I am currently a seventeen-year-old male. This being said, I really don't have much interest in arguing...
  6. Hi There!

    New Members Introduction
    Hi. My name is Jake and I joined so that I could learn a few things about firearms. Currently I do not own any guns but in the next year I will be inheriting my grandfathers Colt 1911 service pistol he carried in WWII. I have a tiny bit of shooting experience seeing as how I have been shooting...
  7. Greeting from MASS

    New Members Introduction
    Hey, whats up everyone. Im really looking forward obtaining my LTC but living in Mass seems to be a long shot. WTF happen to our rights as individuals? But hey thanks for letting me be apart of the forum :)
  8. My introduction to the members of this forum.

    New Members Introduction
    My name is Harry. I am looking to get back into shooting. I am retired in Arizona and am looking for something that I enjoy to pass the time. When I lived in Denver back in the 70's my e-wife bought me a Colt Trooper Mark III which I enjoyed many times at an indoor range near where I lived. When...