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  1. General Gun Discussion
    My friend inherited this gun past down from family and we have no clue what it is just know it’s super old ... any ideas ?
  2. General Gun Discussion
    G'day All I was wondering if anyone could help me Identify some of these firearms and firearm attachments. Photos are of the Tactical Operations Unit in the New South Wales Police Force. Thank you GNRDOM
  3. General Gun Discussion
    I apologize for the bad photo.
  4. Collectors Corner
    Hi, I have pair of these pistols that I inherited. I think they are from 17th century but I am not sure. Can someone help me put them in the right place?
  5. Collectors Corner
    what exactly is this gun? i need to find magazines for this riffle
  6. Rifle Discussion
    I recently acquired a bolt action rifle which has been passed down to me from a relative. It is a bit rough, but i think it is pretty neat that my grandfather (who i never had a chance to meet) and his father used to own it and now I do and really would love to gain some information on it. The...
  7. Collectors Corner
    This shotgun was found in an attic in Westchester County, New York. Other than some engravings, the only significant marking that identifies anything about the gun's origin is the text "College Point"...which presumably refers to the section of Queens, New York. Below are some pictures of the...
  8. Blackpowder
    Hi, this thing was discovered in Tennessee near the battle of Corinth Next to a pile of other civil war relics. I have not been able to find any markings on it, and it appears to be chrome plated. It looks to me to be pre civil war. I have had it for a while but I have not been able to tell what...
  9. Collectors Corner
    I recently came into possesion of this rifle and was hoping someone here would be able to assist in the identification or provide any information. The only 'markings' i have found are 4 clusters of 3 dots in a triangular pattern.
  10. Collectors Corner
    Here are some pics of a Lancaster rifle that has been in the family for several generations. We know very little about it. Family history says it is a .36 caliber "squirrel rifle" and that it was converted from flintlock to cap at some point in time. I can remember my grandfather firing the...
  11. Collectors Corner
    I have a pre civil war percussion rifle that I can read fayette on the barrel but that's it. It doesn't seem to be the civil war Fayetteville rifle the caliber doesn't look that big it looks closer to the 30 something range. It also has a hexagon barrel and a double trigger. Any help would be...
  12. Revolver Discussions
    Hello i have this revolver in 22. magnum and i want to know what it is worth and the make and model any leads would be AWSOME
  13. Gun Related Pictures
    I recently came into possession of a number of firearms that belonged to my late father, and I have been unable to identify this rifle. BTW, this was the first gun I ever shot.
1-13 of 13 Results