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  1. Hunting clubs in the DMV?

    Hunting, Archery, Camping, & Others
    I moved to the DMV (northern VA to be specific) a while back and have some interest in joining a hunting club and hunting in the area. Just wondering if there's anything in my area that folks would recommend.
  2. Indiana Deer Hunters Helping Farmers

    Hunting, Archery, Camping, & Others
    Indiana DNR has created this new opportunity for deer hunters in need of a place to hunt, and farmers/landowners in need of crop damage relief now have a way to contact each other using a tool developed by the Department of Natural Resources. Indiana hunters sign up today...
  3. Gun Dogs are Shooting Their Owners

    General Gun Discussion Here are just some of the whens and wheres: 1999 Germany 2000 New Zealand 2002 USA 2003 France 2004 USA 2005 Bulgaria 2007 USA 2008 USA "These gunshot victims are basically idiots. Why in the world...