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home defense

  1. High Frangible 12 Gauge Ammo Recommendations

    Ammo Talk
    Hey all, Anybody have recommendations for some good high frangible 12 gauge ammo? Looking to switch from my buckshot and slug mix to high frangible after seeing some tests online. I've found a few options, but am not sure what I should be looking for for dedicated home defense options.
  2. Semi auto 12 gauge mini magazine fed pistol

    Shotgun Discussion
    Hi guys, so im trying to figure out the feasability of a magazine loaded semi auto 12 gauge pistol. Im refering to the 1 3/4 rounds that have come out for home defense. I searched around and the only firearm i was able to locate that was magazine fed 12 gauge through the handle was the Mag7. But...
  3. Looking to put a light on my home defense shotgun

    Firearm Accessories
    I recently purchased a Mossberg 590A1 with the tri-rail pump (link will be below) and am looking to put a light on it that fits a few different criteria... Required: -Under $100 (for light and mount) -At least 350 Lumens -Pressure switch -Mounts to the side rail on the shotgun Preferred...
  4. Is this a decent gun cabinet?

    Firearm Accessories
    >Link< I need a relatively secure place to keep one or two guns for a potential bump in the night. The only problem is if I want a rifle close at hand I'll need to drag my container up two flights of stairs (hence a 300lbs+ safe just won't cut it). I think this is one of the more promising...
  5. Looking for a 1911

    General Gun Discussion
    I'm looking to purchase a new 1911 for home protection. Either the .45 or the 9mm compact version. I'm looking for people's opinions on all the different brands and their reliability. I don't currently have the budget to spend $1000 on one, looking more around $500. I know this limits my...
  6. ∞ Please check my home defence set up.

    General Gun Discussion
    Hi, am setting up my home defense. Apart from good home theft alarm and stuff like this, I have opted for the following arms to be placed in my home. Close range: - semi auto shot gun sega 12 gage - M4 shotgun (super reliable used by military) - AA-12 combat shotgun - s & w 460v -...
  7. New to the gun world

    New Members Introduction
    Hi I'm clay I have been dabbling by myself in the gun world for quite some time and still havent learned everything that I would like. My gf and I recently have moved to Compton, CA so a home defense piece is definitely in the very near future for us. I have some experience with gun handling...
  8. Places to hide guns from parents?

    General Gun Discussion
    Ok, the title of this may sound a certain way, but hear me out. I'm currently living with my parents due to being in paramedic school, and my dad doesn't want me owning any guns that have any real use to them i.e home defense. Let me put it all into perspective. My dad lives in this delusional...
  9. Experience shooting an intruder

    General Gun Discussion
    Hi everyone - I recently purchased a .40 cal pistol in the hopes of using it for home defense AND target practice. However friends have suggested that a pistol is actually not a good home defense weapon but instead a shotgun since it has a wider spray (if using buck shot). Has anyone actually...
  10. Shortening a shotgun barrel?

    Shotgun Discussion
    I am wondering if there is a cost benefit to shortening a shotgun barrel and refinishing it vs. just buying a shorter barrel. I like the versatility of a shotgun, and the Mossberg I'm picking up from my brother has two barrels. I can keep the slug barrel if I decide I want/need to hunt, but I...