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  1. Sticking Up My Pair of Single Actions.

    Firearm Accessories
    So as some of you may or may not know I have a pair of single action army revolver's and am currently in the process of getting verious pieces of equipment to help make them better at what they do, I.E. shoot accurately, quicker on the draw, easier to handle and fire especially with one hand...
  2. Modification Help for a SAA.

    General Gunsmithing
    Ok here's the deal. I need help figuring out how much it would cost to give this revolver, the bronze handle/grip of of a colt navy revolver?
  3. Converting a Browning BLR Lightweight '81 Takedown

    General Gunsmithing
    Deleted .....
  4. Can I build my own M1 Garand?

    General Gunsmithing
    Here's the story. I've never owned a gun, I shot them twice a year when I was in the Navy, but that's the totality of my experience. I know nothing about buying them or working on them. Lately though, I've been looking for a hobby and I started wondering if it was possible to build a gun of my...
  5. Gunsmithing Courses

    General Gun Discussion
    I currently work at a Class III gun shop and I want to increase my knowledge by going into Gunsmithing. I live Western Kansas and the closest schools to me are terrible towns. Around 400 people are killed in Trinidad Colorado every year. So that school is out, especially because about 40 of the...
  6. Winchester Model 54 Help/Advice

    General Gunsmithing
    I have what appears to be a Winchester Model 54 originally chambered for 22 Swift but which has been rechambered for 222 Winchester. I can't tell what variation it is, as there is no checkering but the also no finger groove on the forestock. My question is can anyone help me with maintenance for...
  7. AR-15 build bolt catch trouble!

    General Gunsmithing
    Hello All! Been working on my Calico Jack lower with a DD LPK. I ran into some trouble with my bolt catch installation. It appears that my kit came with a solid bolt catch pin....Is that correct? My trigger guard came with a roll pin, and the solid pin is too short and not thick enough to...
  8. 1911 help

    General Gunsmithing
    I have, what's probably a dumb question, but I've searched Google over and I can't find an answer (which means that it's so obvious that no one has ever asked). Anyway, in re-assembly, what happens if you miss the barrel link with the slide stop? Is it even possible? If so, how would you tell? I...
  9. Gauging interest in vintage books

    New Members Introduction
    Hello all, my name is David and I sell collections of ebooks on interesting subjects. I have taken a lot of time and effort to collated a collection of 104 vintage ebooks in PDF format covering all aspects of firearms, from gunsmithing to snipers. It is a cracking collection of information...
  10. Some off the Wall Questions

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello random strangers, I have a whole bunch of silly questions related to firearms and body armor for a writing project that I'm having a hard time finding answers for. If you could throw some information back at me I would really appreciate it. 1. How resistant is modern Kevlar to...
  11. Mosin Nagant paint

    General Gunsmithing
    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any tips or sources they could give me on how to re paint or re blu a mosin nagant. Ive never done anything like this to any gun before so any infromation will be helpfull. So far I have cut the barrel installed an ATI bolt handle and stuck the...
  12. Charles Daly Trigger Assembly

    General Gunsmithing
    I'm working on a Charles Daly 3" Field and I have everything put together except for the trigger spring. I've tried several ways and I can not get it to work. Anyone have any idea's or pics of how it sits. Thanks.
  13. ejectors

    General Gunsmithing
    Does anyone know of any efficient and easy to build/maintain repeating (pump, semi, or full auto) shotgun ejector designs. I am working on a design for a repeating airsoft shotgun that uses 410 shells but I am having trouble coming up with an efficient ejector design that won't get in the way of...
  14. Does anyone have experience with any of the online/correspondence gunsmith schools?

    General Gun Discussion
    I am not looking for a career change, just looking to enhance my knowledge.