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    What kind of rifle are these Nigerian special forces using?
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    Please see forum rules on selling. If you want to be a sponsor please click the yellowish box upper right, thank you. QuickdrawMcgraw
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  4. General Gun Discussion
    Bought a polymer 80 kit for a fun little build project. However a mistake occered with my order and the vendor has it so a signature is required. Not big deal, but the package is going to come when I'm at work. I have a brother who's 17 and was wondering if I could let him over to sign for it...
  5. General Gun Discussion
  6. General Gun Discussion
    Hey all, So I am new for shooting and guns and I've just got some bullets 308 WIN 155 gr BTHP. Surprisingly, I found that the thickness of the inner wall of the bullets of those metallic cartridges are all different(like the pictures shown below). Is this some kind of mechanics miracle or what...
  7. General Gun Discussion
    I'm looking to try different gun lubes, looking for something that keeps things running smooth and lasts a good period of time once applied. I heard some good things about synthetic motor oil, but upon further research wasn't so sure.
  8. New Members Introduction
    Hello I like guns. I've only been to a range once.
  9. General Gun Discussion
    Hey, I’m looking to build a portfolio for a little website design company I am starting. I would love to get into doing website design for gun stores and gun hobby websites. If you guys have any interest in making a website or redesigning a website you have, I would love to hear back and see if...
  10. New Members Introduction
    Love firearms of all kinds, and should have been on this website with an account sooner. I'm looking to find information on a particular gun (what type of gun it is, what barrel it has on it, other specifications, etc.). Not sure what sub-forum to use but looking forward to talking to some good...
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    If you want to advertise here: 1. Read the rules 2. Click on the "Advertise Here" button at the top right hand corner of the screen. --Wag--
  12. New Members Introduction
    Hello. My name is Wade Bailey & I am the owner of Top Notch Accessories Inc/Omega in Russellville, Arkansas.
  13. Rifle Discussion
    Hello i'm new to this forum and firearms, the only thing i know about firearms is the stuff in a video game called battlegrounds. So i just filled out a firearms licensing application, i'm only 20 years old so i have to wait until april to put in a application for a handgun permit. So what gun...
  14. General Gun Discussion
    Hey everyone, I am new to the forum, however I have been a member of a Canadian gun forum for several years. I recently read a CBC (Canadian news) article in regards to "kids shouldn't have toy guns". Well... Even in Canada, gun owners are doing what we can to educate people with almost...
  15. General Gun Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am from Massachusetts and my whole life i have been pro gun and pro 2nd amendment. I love learning about the history of the United States as well as educating myself about guns and gun history especially pre vietnam war era vintage fire arms. I am 21 years old and for...
  16. New Members Introduction
  17. General Gun Discussion
    ALCON, I joined this forum so I could ask this question. With the European economy on the verge of potential crisis does anyone foresee the cost of European firearms dropping? I am currently working in Eastern Europe so we watch the exchange rates closely and follow trends in the economy...
  18. General Gun Discussion
    Do you consider yourself an expert in all things guns? Are rare firearms the topic of conversation when you and your buddies drive to a firing range or machine gun shoot? Have you ever thought to yourselves: we should have a TV show?! If so, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for gun...
  19. Gun Related Pictures
    A gun is a normally tubular weapon or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other material.
  20. General Gun Discussion
    I am just curious enough to know what my other friends think about the favourite equations, that you would like to see on a T-shirt design. And Include a link to equations if you can...So waiting for your responses. Thanks,