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  1. General Gun Discussion
    Snipercountry one of the oldest publications in the firearms industry is heading to the silverscreen and is looking for a presenter/host to be the face of their YouTube channel. If you are living in the United States, you are a firearm enthusiast with extensive knowledge who is capable of...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    I remember when my high school friend turned 18 and purchased his first gun (Mosin Nagant 91-30). Two years later my 18th birthday came and my friend sold me his first Mosin Nagant for $80. To this day I still have that Mosin and by far my favorite rifle in my collect.
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Hello to all! For warming up there is a link to my past topic, it will be clear what I’m talking about. In continuing to work on the invention, I abandoned the method of casting non-ferrous metal, and...
  4. General Gun Discussion
    So I fixed my last issue with the P80 I am working on, but now that the slide fits it won't go into battery. The thing is when I strip all the parts off the slide and put it on it goes into battery no problem. Idk were my error in this thing lies.
  5. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    Handmade miniature. Miniature Gun Desert Eagle 100% functional Action Model The scale 1:6 Price: 150$ FREE SHIPPING Handcrafted Please contact me for details [email protected] ! This item is for display and collecting purpose only. This item is not considered as a firearm by any law.
  6. General Gun Discussion
    Just as the title says, I'm looking for an advice for a budget minded gun arsenal. After a long time of saving money and research, I narrowed my selection to these firearms: Mossberg Patriot .308 WIN w/ Scope ($320) Mossberg 88 Security 12 gauge ($190) EAA Witness 9mm {Small frame, Polymer}...
  7. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hello Guys, My name is Adam G, I recently just started working for a company that makes FOLDING GLOCK!!!!!!! WHAAAA????? I know right. Sounds crazy. But after having them show me how it works i'm intrigued! I absolutely love the concept and engineering of the pistol. I opened...
  8. New Members Introduction
    Hey, Im a new member here and I just wanted to say that its nice to be on a site where im surrounded by other fellow 2nd amendment defending Americans. Will definitely be checking in daily and trying to post every once in a while.
  9. General Gun Discussion
    Hey everyone, I am new to the forum, however I have been a member of a Canadian gun forum for several years. I recently read a CBC (Canadian news) article in regards to "kids shouldn't have toy guns". Well... Even in Canada, gun owners are doing what we can to educate people with almost...
  10. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Am i correct on my idea of what large capacity and non large capacity means? Large capacity is a fire arm that can hold more than 10 rounds and is semi automatic. A non large capacity is under 10 rounds and single shot only. IE. A pump action shot gun with 5 rounds or a bolt action rifle...
  11. General Gun Discussion
    We have our own limitations on advertising here as well. You'll need to read up on that. Thank you. --Wag--
  12. Want to Buy Forum
    Hi, Anyone willing to sell a 1911 barrel to a customer in Sweden? Due to local prices it would be much cheaper to just buy it from the US. If anyone is interested send me a message. Regards
  13. Rifle Discussion
    Palmetto state armory is doing a deal on a PSA 16" MIDLENGTH MOE FREEDOM RIFLE & SPRINGFIELD XDS 9MM PISTOL W/ EXTRA GEAR PACKAGe. Yes, I copied and pasted that lol. Its a $799 package and may buddy wants the springfield so he is willing to go halvies with me, so that would make it only $400...
  14. Collectors Corner
    This shotgun was found in an attic in Westchester County, New York. Other than some engravings, the only significant marking that identifies anything about the gun's origin is the text "College Point"...which presumably refers to the section of Queens, New York. Below are some pictures of the...
  15. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    So I'm 17 years old, have been hunting and shooting for a while now, and would just feel more comfortable during archery season if I could carry a handgun for protection only. Had multiple run ins with bear, but have had a rifle or shotgun each time and had no problems with them being...
1-15 of 85 Results