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  1. Big Business vs. the Second Amendment

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    We would say it is a clever idea if it wasn’t so devious. Big businesses can circumvent the Bill of Rights more efficiently than the government could ever hope to, and even claim they’re doing so for a good cause. In our latest article we talk all about how big tech and big money are cracking...
  2. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of lefty politicians to take away your guns?

    New Members Introduction
    Erich Pratt and I both know!!! Good evening from Denver, my fine fellow American gun rights supporters!
  3. Help-your-fellow-man-and-fight-for-2nd-amendment.

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    Fellow men and women of America, I sincerely plead with you today to help my good friend Paul Gratton, a single father of two sons. The federal government convicted him as an excuse to chip away at the gun rights of the American people. Paul is being convicted because of a clerical error that...
  4. 2nd Amendment: (Quotes) Not just the right to bear arms, Also a Right To Training

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    Hi, I wanted to pick special quotes from mostly our founding fathers to share with the public. I hope to show true inent of the founding fathers of this great nation. I've picked quotes that i think havent seen the light of day since their times as much as other quotes and i feel they are even...
  5. Adjudicated as a mental defect, need help

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    Hello, this is my first post. I didn't know where else to turn that didn't involve dropping a lot of money on a lawyer. I purchased my first firearm in 2014 from a licensed dealer. My NICS check returned a delay status, I was told this is common for a first time buyer. A couple of days later...
  6. Cop wants to know what is in the case, is it a gun?

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    So you decide to walk to the range, or you buddies house to go shooting, and you get interrogated for a mere case! WOW with the civil code so complex and complicated, I guess it is better to not say anything, better safe than sorry. In California though, if you admit it is a firearm, then the...
  7. Returning to shooting after a very long break

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    I learned to shoot early thanks to very capable mentors. My family had no gun tradition but I knew since Day One that I wanted to learn about firearms and, hopefully, become good at using them. I was fortunate in that I met ardent gun people in the mid 80s and, suddenly, I had access to their...
  8. The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the American people.

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    The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the American people are the words of our founding fathers. Liberty Scrolls by Martin Fry ? Kickstarter America's founding documents scrolled inside brass shell-casings for a personal & meaningful display, inspiring the spirit of liberty. The...
  9. Liberating Jewelry Proudly Supports the 2nd Amendment.

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    Guys, you have got to check these out. Watch the video. This guy put the Constitution and Bill of Rights inside a 30-06 shell casing all scrolled up! Liberty Scrolls are America's founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. Bill of Rights inscribed...
  10. Class action law suit starting in New York

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    We are trying to stop the maddness - please check out the info - there is also a article in the Buffalo News you can read. Please help us - post this every where you can. Info below: Civil Rights Attorney starting Class Action Case on the NYS Gun Ban. Lawyer : Jim Tresmond, Attorney in...
  11. Washington Times Journalist requesting feedback from gun owners

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    Greetings – my name is Tiffany Madison and I’m an independent journalist with Washington Times Digital Media. My column is titled Citizen Warrior and I cover civil liberties and veteran’s issues. Gun control is a hot topic as legislators attempt to introduce a wide array of measures to restrict...
  12. How can we prevent future shootings?

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    Most of you have more experience with firearms than I do, and know laws pertaining to them better than me. I want to know how you think future shooting like sandy hook can be avoided. Please don't mention politicians, just solutions.
  13. Call To Arms The March On Washington D.C. 2A Defence

    General Gun Discussion
    This video is in response to the attack on our 2nd amendment rights in the United States of America. Call to Arms purpose is to coordinate a movement with all gun activist organizations, N.R.A. and all citizens of the states that are fed up with the tyranny to march onto Washington D.C. and...
  14. Free internet toolbar helps support NRA

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    I downloaded a really cool internet toolbar off the NRA-ILA website for free that helps support the NRA. Every time you use the search box in the toolbar or go through the "Raise Funds" button, you are helping to support the NRA without any cost to you. You can also get your local weather by...