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  1. Genius New way to make NY Legal AR15 / M4 NY Compliant (Tier 5 MBC)

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey everyone! Check out this new product that makes your AR15 New York & Cali Compliant. Put your pistol grips back on with this product. It it not for everyone but it is a great option to have out there in the ether! Check it out! Let me know what ya think.
  2. Technical: federal laws question

    General Gun Discussion
    I keep asking around and no one seems to stop a second and comprehend my question. First let me tell you some backstory, recently at a gunshow a man had this custom made 'ghost gun,' what was interesting about it is it had the weirdest trigger I've ever seen. Every time the bolt cycled it...
  3. New member in TN

    New Members Introduction
    It was after reading Bill to eliminate handgun carry permit requirement fails, that I went searching for more info about it. When I didn't turn up much, I went looking for forums and discussions about guns & the gun laws in various states. In Tennessee, from what I understand in order to...
  4. Purchasing a shotgun at 18?

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Is it possible for me at 18 in NY state to purchase and own a shotgun? If so how would I go about doing so?
  5. Donald Trump under attack for being pro-gun

    News Room - Latest Headlines
    Love or loathe him, he has a point we can all appreciate. He has published a tweet stating that the situation at Charlie Hebdo could have been different if the citizens had been armed. Good for him! Glad to know there are billionaires out there who don't believe in coddling the masses with bass...
  6. LOL at Hawaii...

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Been on a gun law research kick. Similar to my "LOL at Connecticut" thread, Hawaii has some pretty durn funny "Reasons" for banning firearms. Here is what they say about illegal firearms in the presentation located here: HRS 134-1 General Regulations "If you see it in the movies, and it looks...
  7. Oklahoma gun law question

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    So I'm going to turn 18 very soon, and was looking into getting a gun for home protection. Just for home, nothing in the car etc. Can I only purchase rifles at 18? or can I buy a handgun too keep in the household? I'm getting different answers everywhere and decided to ask actual gun owners...
  8. "Is my Gun legal in... "

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    I've come across lots of folks on forums, especially those who live in anti-gun states like MA, IL, NJ, NY, etc who ask questions that usually start with "can I own a... " or "is my gun legal in". When I researched these kinds of things on the web, information was scant, disorganized...
  9. Please help a n00b future gun ownwer.

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello all. As a (hopefully) soon to be gun owner I'm looking for advise on a new purchase. I have 9 years experience in the US Army, firing everything from M4's, M9's, M249's, M240's and the M2 .50 cal. My wife owns a little .380. We've gone to the range a few times, and the last time I...
  10. Liberating Jewelry Proudly Supports the 2nd Amendment.

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Guys, you have got to check these out. Watch the video. This guy put the Constitution and Bill of Rights inside a 30-06 shell casing all scrolled up! Liberty Scrolls are America's founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. Bill of Rights inscribed...
  11. help rule ny safe act unconstitutional

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    As everyone may know here in NY state Governor Andrew Cuomo forced more restrictive gun laws upon law abiding citizens.... right now there is a petition in progress on the white house website. we need to gain 25K signatures by 2/13/13 before the obama adminstration will even look at the...