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  1. General Gunsmithing
    Does anyone know where I can find a pair of grips for a Very Pistol Flare Gun?
  2. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I just purchased a Springfield XDS 9mm and knew that I wanted talon grips before I even knew which gun I was gonna purchase. The issue was I'm impatient and hate ordering online and waiting for shipping, also being a poor college student I wanted to save a couple extra bucks so I stopped by the...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Dear Members of this forum, thank you for have let me join, i am an italian man that has a passion for carving, i am continuing the family tradition of making handmade gun grips and i recently moved out of italy due to the fact that gun control laws are making anything gun related production...
  4. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Not to toot my own horn, but I'm not half bad at woodworking.I recently carved a grip out of birdseye maple for my tokarev pistol. I've seen online that many wood Tok grips sell for $80-100, however, those ones are CNC machined. If I was going to make some hand made grips and sell them for say...
1-4 of 4 Results