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  1. Register guns?

    General Gun Discussion
    What are your thoughts on registering or not registering guns. Keep in mind that in an end of the world situation, the government would consider all registered gun owners as threats.:machinegun:
  2. Wisconsin: It's not too early to know your candidates.

    Political News & Discussions It is 2010, and soon primaries will be here. It's never too early to learn what your options are. When you live in a state where you still don't have ccw and jobs are reaching an all time low it is even more important to know your candidates and begin...
  3. Government Paper

    Political News & Discussions
    Hey guys, today my American government teacher assinged a 5 page paper about something relating to politics. By instinct i chose the 2nd amendment. Do any of you know of any reliable sources? How should my thesis go? Any help would be super! THANKS!!