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  1. Help me figure out what this rifle is!

    Gun Related Pictures
    I have this bolt action rifle I inherited. I can tell that the barrel is bigger then a .22 lr and smaller then a .223 the only marking on the gun is a burn stamp on the stock of the country Silesia. I took the gun apart and on the bottom of the barrel near the action are some symbols and numbers...
  2. Help determining date of Simson & Co Suhl 22 Rifle

    Collectors Corner
    Hi all. I am new here and first time gun owner. My father has handed down an old Simson & Co Suhl 22 Rifle to me and we don't know much about it. I see a serial number/date code of 24281 - both inside the bolt and on the bolt handle. It has a fascinating pop up sight behind the trigger and...
  3. Expert needed

    General Gun Discussion
    I am looking into getting a k98 Mauser. I saw one on gun broker that looks pretty intising. He claims its all original parts. But I see in the pics all of it is blued except for the buttplate. I don't know. Can someone please examine this for me. I'd hate to buy a gun that turns out to be some...
  4. Need some info on a J.P Sauer & Sohn Cal 7,65

    Gun Related Pictures
    I have a J.P Sauer & Sohn Sual Cal 7.65 serial numbers are #296263 with a eagle over a N below it. Also another eagle over a N and top of that. black grip (with S&S symbol on it, leather holster, Clip ( with S&S symbol on the bottom and CAL7.65) Other side of the gun reads "PATENT" In...
  5. Need help dating/appraising an old 8mm Mauser

    Collectors Corner
    Hey friends, I recently picked up an 8mm Mauser. I was told it was Russian by the previous owner (who won it in a shooting competition). My brother and I are somewhat of (aspiring) German history buffs. We ruled out that it had any ties to Russia. It does, however, have French/Belgium writing on...
  6. What kind of pistol do I have? Marked "Simson Germany"

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys, I picked this gun up this morning at a local flea market. I felt the price was pretty reasonable. The guy didn't know much about it and neither do I. Any help would be greatly appreciated! In case it's hard to tell from the pics, it's marked "Simson Precision Rif e. Simson & (not...
  7. Need Help Identifing WWII Handgun

    Collectors Corner
    I'm new here and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I work with a man who fought in Germany between 1944-45 in the 87th division of the Army. He brought back a little Walther .25 ACP in nice condition and showed that to me. He said they took the weapons from POWs. He told me about...
  8. "new" rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    I recently went to the crossroads of the west gun show, and i bought a mouser 98a rifle. I'm looking to restore it to the "original" condition. only thing is wrong is the black paint and the bands in front of the forearm is missing, rest of it is working order. i plan on taking off the paint...