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  1. Shooting Reports
    It was a chilly, but manageable, 24° and sunny today, decided I would hit the range before the snowfall tomorrow. I brought the Glock 43x, my EDC, and my Colt Highway Patrol .38 special. I used different targets than usual, they're the same size, but with a smaller bullseye and tighter scoring...
  2. Shooting Reports
    Took the G43x I got last night to the pistol range just to get a feel for it. Recoil isn't that much worse than the SD9, despite being a fair bit lighter in weight, it's a bit snappier (which I expected) but not unbearably so. I imagine the full-length grip helps mitigate some of the percieved...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    I never though it would happen, but after almost a decade of gun collecting (more if you count granddad's gifts) I have finally bought my first Glock (pic to follow). My EDC was a Smith SD9VE until last night, when I traded it for a Glock 43x. The SD9 wasn't a bad gun overall, but between the...
1-3 of 3 Results