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  1. petition to legalize the sale of post 1986 fully automatic weapons

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    petition to legalize the sale of post 1986 fully automatic weapons to law abiding citizens.
  2. Want an M4, what do it do? (clueless)

    Full Auto Weapons
    Hey NGF, So iv'e recently wanted to get a full auto M4, and i have no clue how to do this. I know about the $200 tax and that's about it. I want to do it by setting up a trust, is this the best way? Also, i don't want an older pre whatever year that was model, so how would i go about getting...
  3. Looking for full auto bb gun?

    Airguns & Such
    Hey NGF, So i'm looking for a full auto bb gun, but i can't find much cheap, or DIY plans. I just wan to shred cans, glass, and any other targets. Any ideas? Under $100 hopefully.
  4. LOL at Connecticut...

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    Just read through the laws on the CT government website here about machine guns: despp: Firearms The funniest part to me is this: Connecticut residents may purchase Machine Guns if they are capable of a “full automatic only” rate of fire. Any select fire weapon is considered an “Assault...
  5. ak questions

    General Gun Discussion
    first of all... do u need an ffl or any sort of license to build a parts kit ak. on top of that do u need a license of any sort to buy an ak47 full auto trigger grouping.
  6. knob creek machine gun shoot... night shoot.

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    Wanted to share this... Enjoy...