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  1. Spanish Flintlock? Need help with ID

    Collectors Corner
    I believe this is a Spanish flintlock circa 1670's-1750's, but i really have no idea. Does anyone know anything about them? This was apart of my grandpas antique gun collection and appears to be the oldest. Thank, Nick
  2. help iding flintlock vintage toy

    Collectors Corner
    Any idea which model gun this is based upon? Any info about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Need help to ID Lancaster rifle

    Collectors Corner
    Here are some pics of a Lancaster rifle that has been in the family for several generations. We know very little about it. Family history says it is a .36 caliber "squirrel rifle" and that it was converted from flintlock to cap at some point in time. I can remember my grandfather firing the...
  4. Old Musket Found in Closet

    Collectors Corner
    We found this flint lock musket (rifle?) in my grandfather's closet. Little over 4 ft in length. It was tagged "1747" though the tag has since torn off. Flint sparks when fired. Seems in decent condition. The markings are hard to make out. One might say "Willet". I'd love to learn more about...
  5. Jukar flintlock pistol questions

    General Gun Discussion