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  1. New Members Introduction
    Yeah i have been looking for zone like this to belong am not new with guns, guns have been part of me since in my early 20s as i am a form marine officer and served with the military for over a decade presently i run as small gun shop and different reloading supplies and ammunitions, you can...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    If you want to advertise here: 1. Read the rules 2. Click on the "Advertise Here" button at the top right hand corner of the screen. --Wag--
  3. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    what you need to know when moving guns across state lines.
  4. General Gun Discussion
    Hi guys, My dad passed away almost 20 years ago (1997) and he left behind a Universal M1 Carbine .30 Cal rifle for me. My mom is pretty sure he got it from his service in the US military but I don't know when he served nor do I know if this is completely accurate.I never got it registered...
  5. Feedback on private and retail transactions
    CDNN Sports / Firearms Review NOTE: There are two (2) completely separate companies discussed in the below, the importer and CDNN. CDNN performed brilliantly, the importer did not... The importer’s name will not be disclosed, as CDNN’s stellar performance has completely negated any need of...
  6. General Gun Discussion
    I am designing a game that is a first person zombie mmo, but the problem I have is I am far from being an expert on guns, I have just enough knowledge to know the difference between a pistol and a rifle. What I need is a database (MS Access, SQL, or MS Excel preferably) that gives specs and...
  7. News Room - Latest Headlines
    This idea makes plenty of sense to me: Schools to Teach About Guns? | Ban Forks and Spoons Learning about guns in schools. More I think about it, the more I like the idea. It would be an elective and seeks to teach children about gun safety, history, legitimate uses, etc, much like we learn...
  8. New Members Introduction
    Hello all, my name is David and I sell collections of ebooks on interesting subjects. I have taken a lot of time and effort to collated a collection of 104 vintage ebooks in PDF format covering all aspects of firearms, from gunsmithing to snipers. It is a cracking collection of information...
1-8 of 25 Results