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  1. Modding my first shotgun, a Shockwave 590M

    Gun Related Pictures
    So I finally invested in my first shotgun. I wanted to get something compact that would work well in a home defense situation. After conferring with a dealer I trust, I ended up going with the Shockwave 590M version (the magazine fed configuration). Here's where I started. But, this wasn't...
  2. Asian Girl Comes to America and Shoots a Gun for the 1st

    General Gun Discussion
    This girl is brand new to the country and is already shooting!
  3. Firearm Photography for Work

    Gun Related Pictures
    Part of my job requires me to take pictures of firearms, some pictures I really like and are high quality, others are not so much. I decided to post some of the photos I've taken for my job. Some of my greatest pictures I no longer have, from now on I'll save them in case you like would like to...
  4. Wanting to Buy a Gun in Indiana

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello all, this is my first post! I recently graduated with my Master's degree from a state university and was wanting to purchase a gun for the lady and I to have at the house (solely for protection). The issue is, I was arrested for "theft", even though I was NOT stealing anything. Long...
  5. and still waiting after all this madness

    General Gun Discussion
    hello fellow law biding gun owners!!!purchased me a springfield armory xd 45 last month jan.16th to be exact while filing out the forms etc....gentleman told me 20 days anything before then we'll call today is officially the 20th day not stressing myself just can't believe all this ruckus going...
  6. What was the last firearm you bought

    Rifle Discussion
    I got to thinking about NGFadmin's post " What was your first firearm " and thought what was the last gun I bought, So What was the last firearm you bought ?
  7. Info on the Cooey model 60 ( Ranger )

    Rifle Discussion
    Ive looked threw lots of gun books and on the internet but i cant find the price range for a mint condition Cooey model 60. Although any information on this .22 will be greatly appreciated, Im really looking for the price range of this gun, and also some instructions because i cant seem to...
  8. What should i buy Ruger 10 22 or savage 64 .22

    Rifle Discussion
    Ive been debating on which gun i should get so i thought id ask on the forum, Ruger 10 22 vs savage 64 .22