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  1. General Gun Discussion
    Hey, My name is Kayla and I'm new. I just had a question maybe someone can help me? I purchased an vepr ak-47 through Atlantic Firearms online. So I know I have to go through an FFL dealer and get my background check done etc. This is not my first firearm purchase, just my first online. My...
  2. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    I found some online deal to sell a striped AR-15 lower receiver new with free shipping for $59. But seller only willing to ship it to FFL dealer. Is it a law ? Paying 25$ for the transfer of every part of AR-15 really increases the cost. Is it strictly necessary or seller is just acting on...
  3. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    I live in NY and recently bought a carbine off a gun auction site from a guy in Florida. When the gun got to my FFL dealer they tell me that it didn't come with the copy of an FFL dealer's license. They also tell me that it is illegal for a non-FFL to ship them a firearm, I need to get a hold of...
1-3 of 4 Results