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  1. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Has anyone used the CSX for their EDC? Am very interested in making it my next.
  2. Concealed Carry
    If you've never used a gun belt before, or never had a good one, I suggest trying the 2.0 Kore EDC belt. I've been using them over a year now and they are awesome. It's a stiff but flexible belt that uses a track stitched into the back of the belt. It is like a zip tie that gives you an awesome...
  3. Concealed Carry
    I recently purchased a Sig P365 and am having a hard time finding holsters for EDC that allow for my shirt to be tucked in. Does anyone have any suggestions or references? Thanks!
  4. General Gun Discussion
    Hello, I am thinking of 2nd gun EDC. Was watching a video by and noticed 44 MAGNUM REVOLVER IN TITANIUM. So would that be a good 2nd gun EDC? ta blesses Arek
  5. General Gun Discussion
    Hi, though of as a second carry a 44 Smith with hallow point. My first EDC gun is 45 H&K with supersonic. But just in case the 45 was ineffective the 44 steps in. Please advice if that is ok. ta blesses Arek
  6. Revolver Discussions
    Hi I am considering caring 460v smith with 460 magnum rounds as part of my every day carry. My main gun is fnx 45 acp. This is because of some people are very big (200 pounds plus) wearing all sorts of protection and this my greatly reduce stopping power even of few 45 acp rounds. WHat would...
1-6 of 6 Results