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ear plugs

  1. Discounted Bulk Pricing for NGF Members

    Sponsor Listings would like to extend to all NGF members a bulk pricing discount that was previously only available to distributors, shooting ranges, special customers (ie: military personnel and police officers) and reviewers. Bulk pricing for our ear plugs, which are widely regarded as...
  2. Free ear plugs for all NGF moderators

    Sponsor Listings would like to send all interested NGF moderators a free pair of our premium quality ear plugs so that you can test and review them on behalf of all NGF members. Our "Mighty Plugs" are the highest rated ear plugs on the market with a Noise Reduction Rating of 34 decibels...
  3. World's Best Ear Plugs for Shooting

    Sponsor Listings
    Beneficial Products, Inc. is offering the most effective noise-reducing ear plugs in the world for a promotional price of $1.95 at Our Mighty Plugs have one of the best noise reduction ratings on the market, the same pair can be used for months at a time, the plugs won't...