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double barrel

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  1. General Gun Discussion
    My friend inherited this gun past down from family and we have no clue what it is just know it’s super old ... any ideas ?
  2. Shotgun Discussion
    Hello all, new to the forum. My granfather pulled an old shotgun out of the shed today on Christmas. We were trying to figure out around when it was made and any other information. I have researched it some and the only thing I can find on it so far is that it was belgian made. The only markings...
  3. Shotgun Discussion
    With reference to original post: Hi all! I own a double barrel shotgun inherited from my father. All I know about the gun is that it's 12 bore and made in Belgium (found it engraved on the barrel, almost...
  4. Collectors Corner
    Hello, I would like to get an idea for the age and value of an old 12 gauge double barrel shotgun I have. It looks like it is a WM Moore & Co. But I have been reading there is a lot of companies that copied a popular gun of that time period. I took it to a friend who is good with guns and he...
  5. Collectors Corner
    I inherited this gun when my grandfather died. He had it for a number of years... I cant find ANYTHING about it.. and I am a fairly knowledgeable gun guy...any help would be appreciated. It is stamped Ameria SG and a bit blured stamp of Ameria SanGoirgio. It is a BEAUTIFUL side by side...
  6. Collectors Corner
    Hi everyone. I have an old double barrel shotgun. It was my grandpa's and maybe even belonged to my great grandpa. Its a Royal Gun Works from Belgium. I just want to know everything about it since its a part of my family's history. I'm going to try and post pictures, but I'm new so it...
  7. Shotgun Discussion
    I have received my great great grandfathers double barrel hammered shotgun. It is extremely old and has been used a lot. I need help finding out who makes it. The gun has the name on the left side of the gun but it is worn almost completely off. it resembles xxxxxxrwandarmsco xxxxxxxxxrmags. It...
1-7 of 9 Results