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  1. ak questions

    General Gun Discussion
    first of all... do u need an ffl or any sort of license to build a parts kit ak. on top of that do u need a license of any sort to buy an ak47 full auto trigger grouping.
  2. Ar-15 full auto basic question

    Full Auto Weapons
    I'm considering buying an ar-15 and making it full auto. I was just wondering if there were models that would(n't) be capable of being make full auto through a RDIAS system. I don't see why they all shouldn't work but I don't know if each company changed the internal parts differently when they...
  3. Howa Axiom .308 from top load to magazine fed.

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey everybody! This is my first post =D Anyway I have a Howa Axiom .308 and absolutely love everything about it...except the fact that it is top loading. My scope mounts leave little room for loading. How hard would it be and is it even possible/probable to convert it to a bottom fed mag? :weapons: